The Tree

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Ruminating about the forgotten bygone days.. 
All shall perish,as what the nature says.. 
My thoughts go back to those vernal sapling years.. 
So tender, gusts of wind would tremble and bring on tears.. 
Whispering kind words, nurturing hands gave me strength and zeal.. 
The trunk thickened over time, my foliage had a strange appeal.. 
They took shelter and immersed themselves in my shade.. 
Young, vibrant ones swinged and tiptoed on my branches to invade.. 
Seasons brought in cascading panoromic vista..
Beginnings, ends, reunions, losses, all beneath this acacia.. 
My silent tears of agony and joy went unnoticed.. 
Only captured by the dark and light shades painted by the artist..
The Robins who nestle in my branches feel my stirrings.. 
Pecking woodpeckers respond to my hushed murmurrings.. 
Age has now roughened up the bark of my being
Looking above, I see my time on this earth fleeing.. 
Their epitaph for me, if any will be a short one.. 
There lived a strong tree, silent and the stoic one.. 



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mona s

Wed 17th Apr 2019 14:18

Thank you for reading and sharing such a thoughtful insight about the poem..?

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keith jeffries

Tue 16th Apr 2019 21:42


This is splendid work. Poetry in perfection. To take on the identity of another and express emotions and feellings is an accomplishment and you have achieved this in a poem of high quality.

Thank you

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