The Soul

Estranged from one's own cognizance ..
Soul gets dissected away from the being.. 
True self fades, eclipsed by the lame arrogance.. 
Falsehoods cultivated by the gild's bullying.. 

Born to be free and realise one's destiny.. 
yet entrapped by these layers of camouflage.. 
Virtue cherished, not always acquired is an irony.. 
Aimless lives trudge on with materialistic barrage.. 

People who remain enshrined in the heart's sanctum.. 
Possess true souls painstakingly discovered, thus enlightened 
Path to discovery is to extract oneself from this viscous amalgam... 
To abandon pretences, let the true soul be awakened... 

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mona s

Thu 18th Apr 2019 09:09

Thanks Keith..
Your comments are much appreciated..

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keith jeffries

Wed 17th Apr 2019 20:13


This poem is deeply spiritual coming from internal movements in the soul. These promptings need to be responded to or an alternative life continues to be lived with materialistic baggage.

Beautifully and thoughtfully composed.

Thank you

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