What Dreams are made of..

Dreams are made of some fantastical clobber.. 
Pleasant encounters and sometimes real macabre.. 
A cinematic portrayal of happy and troubled days.. 
They bring out subconscious cerebration in endless ways.. 
Repressed thoughts and wild desires unleash... 
Dreams capture the tormentors to relinquish.. 
Dreams spin the wheel of time to reach exquisite destinations.. 
Walking by clear streams, ravines, glorious sunshine and other dreamy adaptations..
Dream induces mind to chart out pleasant escape routes.. 
Lying down waiting for it to entice mind to wondrous pursuits ...

◄ Nonet -Frangipani

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mona s

Wed 10th Apr 2019 17:58

Don, Thank you.. Appreciate your comments.. ?

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Don Matthews

Tue 9th Apr 2019 23:23

I like this Mona. Good rhyming. You caught me out on 'cerebration' though. Thought it was meant to be 'celebration'. Guess relates to cerebral.

T'other night I had a dream
A visit from the Queen
I had to sweep the leaves away
From entrance, don't want seen

I must be extra special
For her to fly so far
My mind was cerebrating
Acting quite bizarre

When I awoke in morning
Relieved, when out of bed
On looking round discovered
All house flowers were dead ?

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