The catastrophe..

Nature showers her blessings in abundance..
Filtering sunshine, sparkling rainbows and cascading falls..
It nurtures life to blossom from the depths of her coherence..
Its fury ,yet has no bounds,spares none but all..
So much has been snatched and plundered away.
She is deprived, uncared and abandoned..
Her desperate pleas of help,never heard,left in dismay..
The betrayal of mankind, absolute and incessant...
There are ways she repays her piling debts..
If only we learnt to care for her benevolence...
Someday this catastrophe we all shall forget..
Showering her again with our lethal blows of insolence..
The world will end,they say...
Falsity or a reality ..yet to be revealed...
There is a burning thought, if I may say...
Let us not tread on what we created as our own minefields...


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