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Freedom Competition Poem

Freedom Lost


Remembering the dusty, cold floors
Beneath my feet
Never feeling stable, secure.
And the dark, damp walls
Surrounding my misery.
Feeling closed in.

Feeling like there is no life
Beyond my cell.
No one existing
Except in this hell.

Gloomy shadows
Spread up the walls
A tiny, filthy window
Only allowing pin holes
Of light through
Like someone is exstinguishing the sun.

Like God himself
Has turned his back upon me.
Like hell has spat me back out.

Remembering the bird song
The sun on my back
The sense of freedom
Like swimming in the ocean
Seem like far away memories now.

For now I feel so conscious
That I cannot move my arms.
The scratchy material
From my borrowed clothes
My heart pounds.

For I know this is the end.
I'll never taste the freedom
The sweetness of your lips.
Your hand in mine.

All I see now is your face.
In my head.
As the lever slams down.


◄ Mother - I'm not 100% happy with this. It needs work, comments/ideas welcome!! :)

Thanks Mum ►


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Lucy Marsh

Wed 3rd Nov 2010 11:34

Thanks, Jeff :) x

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Jeff Dawson

Tue 2nd Nov 2010 22:07

Love this Lucy, you've really captured the atmosphere, can feel the uncomfortable claustrophobia, contrasted with the memories of being free and happy, great work, Jeff X

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Andy N

Mon 25th Oct 2010 08:22

nice one, luce.. offer more comments on here when the comp is finished, but glad you have entered and it is nice to see you on board here (text you next day or so about the new band too!) x

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Lucy Marsh

Mon 25th Oct 2010 02:05

Hahaha!! I'm not the only traumatised one then :P

<Deleted User> (7212)

Sun 24th Oct 2010 09:17

Hey !
I've stayed in that Travelodge

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