In Thiepval's rows in line abreast

Subaltern Venner lies at rest,

With those with whom he died in war,

Sacrificed - aged twenty four.


Not for him whispered words of love,

Instead, it's hoped he dwells above

With his pals, the angels among,

In timeless kinship ever young.


Today, of mind, he comes to mine,

My uncle - Ernest Valentine.


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A young man armed himself with a knife and attacked without warning a number of people, one of whom

- an American lady due to fly home the foillowing day - died as a result.  Following defence claims of

his mental condition - allegedly suffering a psychotic condition affecting his actions, the CPS

proceeded on a charge of manslaughter, plus the wounding of the other victims.

The CPS sp...

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The world and its dog seem determined to dump

All the guilt in their world on President Trump.

Yet it was the saintly Obama - looking back -

Who placed SIX month exclusions on folk from Iraq.


And the list of proscribed lands he handed on

Has been taken up by the much maligned Don.

Whose position as president duly elected

Entitles him and his office to be respected.



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I don't recall meeting my father

Except in a photograph;

I was barely four years old

In this family epitaph.


My mother, sisters and brother

Are stood and sat around,

While my father gazes at me

From a chair close to the ground.


Already gaunt and painfully thin,

I wonder about his fear

That TB would see that rictus grin

Gone within the year...



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The tune and title came out of a dream, obliging me to get up and put them on tape or risk

going back to sleep and forgetting.  The completed lyric followed within the next hour or so.

LOOK AT ME (C)2016


Look at me happy

Look at me sad

Look at me laughing

Look at me mad


Look at me watching

Whenever we part

And you'll find me waiting

Right there in your hea...

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It was dispiriting indeed to read of the physical and verbal intimidation in Birmingham City Centre

that forced a group of Morris Dancers in traditional garb and black-face make-up to abandon their

performance.  Even more so, to read that the Shrewsbury Folk Festival seems to encourage this

ignorant behaviour by its decision to refuse to book such acts at the said Festival for 2017.


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With a new year now in force

No future found in false remorse

For what has been and gone before

Let us smile and shut the door.


With resolutions based in hope

And our ability to cope

No more "for crying out loud" cringing

At self-serving self-pity and why me? whingeing.


Instead, face up and vow to fight it -

Whatever's wrong, let's get on and right it,

Or at...

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