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I am captivated and entwined.

He will be anything I want him to be.

He says it keeps the mystery.

A passionate prose or rhythmic rhyme. 

I am captivated and entwined. 

Within the lines of what he writes

I find my self awake at night.


I want to feel his gentle kiss.

His fingers pressed against my skin.

I want his tongue to trail away,

To my bud where it can play.

Roaming round till it may find...

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I just close my eyes.

Your arms surround me like poisonous vines,

So strong and deadly I just close my eyes.

Too scared to see what your throwing at me,

I grimace and cower, please don't hurt me.

One punch, two slaps, I am down on the floor,

Teeth missing, mouth bleeding you kick some more.

More bruises and scars that I have to hide,

I dare not speak out and damage your pride.


You hold me a...

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A complete snake is what he is.

His voice slithers venomous words over me.

Arms coiling around constricting me.

Beady eyes attentive to every movement.

He misses nothing.

Terror paralysis me as I fear the next manoeuvre. 

Will he choke me, bite me, wound me or kill me.

His attacks are sudden, unpredictable, undeserved .

But once a snake has hold there is no escape.

I am ...

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He has no face

He has no name

Yet his words are soaring 

Through my veins.


Desires unspoken 

Scream all too loud

My mind is racing

I'm so aroused. 


My body eager 

For that gentle touch

I need it soon 

Before it gets too much.


My pounding heart 

My throbbing bud

My friendly stranger

Oh so good!

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Heading towards you just before the dawn.

Still and quiet on a dull drizzly day.

The morning dew is all frozen over

The trees, the grass, the cars, the pathway down

The stairs , passed the windows towards your door.

Frost rimmed yet showing the warmth that's inside.

Wary of the ice my feet slowly move.

Heat engulfs me as I enter your arms.


Leaving you in the middle of ...

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You break me to my core.

You squeeze me and try to squash me.

You hit me off the table, maybe even the door.

You peel me a part and take a chunk of me.

You break me to my core.

Slowly, your enjoying this,

Piece at a time.

You destroy me until there is nothing left inside.



My Terrys chocolate orange!

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Mama (response to Daughter by Sybil Ruth)

Mama I went no where,

You just stopped seeing me.

Too busy with your friends and men,

'Go play, stop bugging me'


I'd tiptoe home to avoid you, 

Because I knew that you'd be drunk.

All I wanted was to be alone,

And sleep up in my bunk. 


The stench of smoke was not from me,

I know not who was there.

But it was you mama, who would acuse ,

And shout and pull ...

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