Mama (response to Daughter by Sybil Ruth)

Mama I went no where,

You just stopped seeing me.

Too busy with your friends and men,

'Go play, stop bugging me'


I'd tiptoe home to avoid you, 

Because I knew that you'd be drunk.

All I wanted was to be alone,

And sleep up in my bunk. 


The stench of smoke was not from me,

I know not who was there.

But it was you mama, who would acuse ,

And shout and pull my hair.


I'd lunge after you,

To cuddle you,

And beg and plead to stay.

I hated every sordid night,

You hid and locked me away.


That cupboard didn't have much room,

Especially not for me.

My head and heals squashed against each side.

Oh please mama, rescue me.



You break me to my core. ►


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Douglas MacGowan

Mon 29th Jan 2018 02:40

A dramatic poem that really hits a nerve. What more do children want?

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