I am captivated and entwined.

He will be anything I want him to be.

He says it keeps the mystery.

A passionate prose or rhythmic rhyme. 

I am captivated and entwined. 

Within the lines of what he writes

I find my self awake at night.


I want to feel his gentle kiss.

His fingers pressed against my skin.

I want his tongue to trail away,

To my bud where it can play.

Roaming round till it may find,

That perfect spot that blows my mind.

I want his hand caressing me,

Teasing so delectably. 

His member eager and so hard,

Desperate for a speedy start.


As he finds his way to enter me,

I feel like I'm on ecstasy.

He pushes hard, he pushes fast.

He's in so deep, I hope he lasts.


We're breathing in short shallow pants,

As my body starts to release it's thanks.

Tensing round his throbbing pole,

Writhing , moaning, I reach my goal.

He does not waiver , he does not fault

He continues till his time to vault .


Yet here I am all alone

Reading just a passionate prose.

◄ I just close my eyes.


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