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Big Sal on Consonancy (Thu, 25 Oct 2018 03:54 pm)


One life to live disbursed into chapters of pain and "agony" mediocrity in an advid mindset,

Pain leaks a shallow pool of vulgar passion and wisdom, Life has ended before 

Beginning, Taking more losses than winning, Said route guides him

to failure for the remainder of his non - self confessed life. in the end all that remains once again is 

his riddled mind and a overseeing vibrant au...

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Contemplating, soul shifts in and out of focus,

my heart is chained, bleeding,and battered, it is yet masked by a smile

but day and night agony consumes me,.... At what cost? Step by step

i try to find my purpose. But i realize it is non existent and unattainable. envisioning

a better life but i sink into empty space. There is no outside of my misery.....


as i dream on...

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Unconditional, my soul is only chained by past bounty’s, my inner joy is only to manifest such passion and my destiny,free forms non existence only deteriorates what’s left of my heart ♥️,  elegance assembles as the one that brightens my soul captures what seems to be an Abyss of pure pain and lack of pleasure, reminiscing back to my younger more naïve mind has a blissful feeling of happiness that...

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Down Side Up ?

At what cost does my soul suffer, Mind plays Ominous Games, Misleading mentals Vibrant trauma, causes what seems to be “LIES”.... Is What he believed to be the sweet touch of true love naturally existent or Yet nothing but a Deceptive Consequence of his curse.... ?


It is all but a figment of his imagination and to prolong his suffering he falls apart.

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Through shallows his soul roams, feeling destined to manifest ones passion, Drout deteriorates mind, mind collapses into a unretrievable state, all is lost and not one past mistake can bare, sympathy moves his heart as it falls apart. in the end he is gone. What was once me is now gone.?.

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