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The “Tourons” Great Day Out

Touron........A tourist who unfortunately also happens to be a moron!

The “Tourons” made up a picnic
of their favourite food and drink
They brought along everything from home
except the kitchen sink

Bags bursting with goodies
enough to see them through the day
They left behind the empty packaging
for others to throw away

Taking much effort to pack everything
their stomachs desired

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So that we will never forget
the doubt, worry and the madness
So that we will never forget
the grief, loss, pain and the sadness

So that we will never forget
the compassion and the sharing
So that we will never forget
the love, kindness and the caring

An Easter gift sent from the church
a sign of hope we all will sow
So that we will never forget
Forget-Me-Nots we all will grow

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Old And New

A delight of dazzling daffodils
Majestic, proud, wild and free they grow 
Nodding together in the chilly breeze 
Carpet the ground with a golden glow

A symbol of hope and new beginnings 
Spring cheers us with this heavenly show
Whilst the weather beaten grey gravestones 
Remind us of those lives lost long ago

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Spring Blossom

Unopened pale pink buds 
petals soon to be unfurled
Ready to burst into bloom
share their beauty with the world 

Braving the wind and hail
tender fragile star like flowers 
Hardier than they seem
surviving the icy showers

Delicate white blossom
adorning the riverside trees
Here for just a few days
float away on a chilly breeze


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Rule Of Six

new version

Can it really be six months
since I wrote the Rule Of Six
Once again we look forward to 
pick our six to mix

In the pandemic tombola
he pulled out a six
Picked out the winning number
from his box of magic tricks

He gambled on our lives
and rolled a six sided dice
Laying his cards on the table
the six of hearts looks nice

It was lucky for Henry
but not for all of h...

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Endearing, three spring lambs
Playing on an old tree
Cheering up a dull day
Bringing a smile to me 

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The Tale Of Covid 19

Tomorrow marks the anniversary of lockdown and my 340 post on my website, quite a list considering I started to write this time last year.  For this poem I have taken few lines from one of my first writes called The Tale Of 2020. Just a warning it is quite long but then it has been a long year. 

The tale of Covid 19, what a story to be told
When nature said enough's enough and put the world on...

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La La Land

Do you see me over here in La La Land
Where people sing and dance on top of their cars
I tap dance by moonlight through Griffith Park
Under a cloudless sky and a thousand stars

I look so amazing with my long blonde hair
Big blue green eyes and flawless, sun kissed skin
I float around town in designer dresses
Elegant, graceful, size zero and wafer thin

My friends are all so wealthy and ...

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The Greatest Show

Welcome all to the greatest show
The carnival has come to town
Sure to brighten the dullest day
And turn any frown upside down

A fanfare of sunny daffodil
Nod together in the crowd
As soldiers on morning parade
Stood to attention tall and proud

Fragile, delicate like china cups
Crocus, deep purple, lilac and white
A magic carpet of spring colour
A picturesque setting to delight


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My Pandemic Diary

Who could have predicted back in March last year
We would all still be living through unprecedented times
Who could have known that the first poem I wrote
Would lead me to write a pandemic diary in rhymes

Looking back over my writes from the past year
A long list of my attempts at poetry in plain sight
Reading them brings back so many memories
This time last year our lives changed forever...

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version 2

They call me Jabbercocky
Jabbercocky is my new name
Jabbed against Coronavirus
Jabbercocky I became

They call me Jabbercocky
I am one of the new breed
See me strutting around town
I am proud as punch indeed

They call me Jabbercocky
Now a protected species
Safe from Coronavirus
Immunised against disease

They call me Jabbercocky
I plan to flee frequently
Until my doo...

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Murmuration of Starlings

photo taken from a video shared on Twitter by Paul Kingston

This murmuration of Starlings

Makes for an amazing sight

Captured on film, early evening

That time between day and night


Gathering in their thousands

To discuss events of the day

Perhaps to keep warm and safe

Collectively they fly this way


Swooping, swaying, diving

Moving simultaneously as one


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Lunevalley Textiles

Weaving warp and weft
creating an original textile
Reflecting local scenery 
crafting quality and style

Colours of the Lune Valley landscape
woven into fabric
Seamlessly blended
inspired by mother nature’s magic

Deep blue runs the River Lune
under a cloudless summer sky 
Tones of purple tipped heather 
grows wild on the fell moorlands high

Lush green carpets the farmers fields

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Tangerine Dream

Peaches and cream

Clouds ripple along on a gentle breeze 

Tangerine dream

Dusky sky silhouettes the skeleton trees


photo credit Robin Ree 

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The Day I Met Tony Curtis

St Patrick’s Day sparked a memory
I think it was March 1994
I was pregnant for the first time
There would later be two pregnancies more

Sadly I miscarried that Easter
But blessed with two boys in later years
It was a difficult time for us both
Back then we shed too many tears

This is just the background to my story
And it explains the reason why
I was celebrating St Patrick’s Day in ...

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Lockdown St Patrick's Day

It seems so long ago since I wrote
about looking out at cloudless blue skies
Today the weather has taken a turn
which is making a welcome surprise

Could it be the luck of the Irish
that caused the sun to shine brightly today
Bringing added cheer to those celebrating
on this lockdown St Patrick's Day


Version 2 

It seems so long ago since I wrote
about looking out at cloudless b...

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Poet Tree

Can it really be twelve months
since that little seed was sown
Looking back through the seasons
now I see how much it has grown

I feed and water it every day
when I can find the time
A year of watching it grow
recorded in riddle and rhyme

This year I have grown a small tree
with memories for its roots
Its branches reach out wide
always delighted to find new shoots

It has large, s...

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My Vaccination

When I took my babies for their jabs
I had look the other way
When I go to the dentist
I shut my eyes and closed they stay

When giving blood I fainted
they told me never to return
When I had travel immunisations
I took a funny turn

So anyone who knows me
would never expect to hear me say
This morning I booked my Covid vaccination
"Hip Hip Hip Hooray"

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Sarah Everard RIP

Terrible scenes from Saturday night
Left me reeling, feeling upset and sad
I watched the evening news in horror
What was reported made angry and mad

At this time gathering together is banned
Therefore police attendance was required
The outcome of the Clapham Common vigil
Far removed from the expected or desired

What should have been a respectful vigil
Soon transpired into a chaotic me...

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Happy Mother’s Day

To all the wonderful Mums and Grandmas

Happy Mother’s Day to you

Today we show our appreciation

for everything you do


On this day gifts, cards and messages

will be sent across the nation

This year phone and video calls

our virtual celebration


Today may be difficult for those

whose loved ones are no longer here

Some will remember special moments shared


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Colours In Every Flavour

A magical and vivid world
so colourful and bright
My favourite little shop
makes the most welcome sight

A kaleidoscopic array
of silk, cotton and wool
Always taken by surprise
by the choice so plentiful

Like a child outside a sweet shop
temptation draws me in
Wide eyed, yet I am blinded
just where should I begin

Colours in every flavour
a display beyond compare
To choose one ov...

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Magical Carpet

I wandered through the churchyard

where I saw a colourful carpet grow

I noticed the fading white snowdrops 

replaced by a daffodil and crocus show

Photo Credit Mr Robin Ree

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The Gift Of Your Love

You could send her flowers
You could send her something sweet
You could send her a card
You could send her a special treat

You could send her anything
You could send her all the above
The best gift to send your Mother
is the gift of your love

version 2

You could send her some flowers
You could send her something sweet
You could send her a card
You could send her a special treat


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The Boy, The Mole, The Fox And The Horse

Today whilst watching This Morning
I saw an interview with a gentleman
The author and artist Charlie Mackesy
he is a very talented man

He writes messages of hope to unite us
and creates wonderful works of art
His collection turned into a beautiful book
which is sure to melt your heart

The Boy, The Mole, The Fox And The Horse
a story told through their conversations
A journal of thoug...

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Something From Nothing

Staring at a blank computer screen
Looking for somewhere to start
Digging to unearth some emotion
Which is buried in my heart

Fingers hover over the keyboard
Hunting for something to say
Ploughing through the sludge and slurry
That is filling my head today

Gazing numbly out of the window
Searching for inspiration
Finding nothing only the grey
Which clouds my imagination

Flicking ...

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Piers Morgan Makes The News

An early morning quarrel 
Presented on live TV
Piers Morgan took the huff
Stormed off the set of GMB

Now he makes the headlines
News that he has left GMB
According to a statement
Released tonight by ITV

Many questions need answers 
What made him leave GMB
Did he jump or was he pushed
Tomorrow, who will we see 

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Harry and Meghan

Version 2 

They are damned if they do
And damned if they don’t
Criticised when they talk
Even more when they won't

So many views and opinions
Lots of people with much to say 
The Harry and Meghan story
Never destined to fade away

They told their version of events 
Expressed concerns, worries and fears
Shared reasons for decisions made
Their hopes and plans for future years

I w...

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Mother's Day Display

Mother’s Day is fast approaching 
The Flower Bank are celebrating in town
Fabric grown by Mother Nature 
A fitted bark bodice on a leafy gown

Layers of entwined stem ribbons
Weave a material made from evergreen
Beautifully arranged and displayed
Creating this magical Mother’s Day scene

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Another Lockdown Sunday

Another lockdown Sunday
the day and hours tick by long and slow
Another week has passed
with nothing to do and nowhere to go

Today is a strange day for me
not much to talk or write about
The sky is neither blue or grey
the spring sunshine fades in and out

The wild birds are so busy
darting in and out of bare branched trees
The garden is calm and still
no evidence of a gentle breeze


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Some Days I Have A Tale To Tell

Every day I attempt to create a little poem or write
it is left online for others to read anytime, day or night

What is printed and shared can never be unseen or unread
it could stay there for ever, maybe, long after I am dead

Some days it is best, if I don't share my story this way
when I don't care to be reminded of the events of the day

Most days I just write down the thoughts in my...

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Daily Lesson In Maths

The news these days is either plus or minus
There is no neutral or in between
The main topic for the last year
Has been about the pandemic, Covid-19 

They report the total of daily deaths
The patients in a hospital bed
The amount given their vaccination 
And to how many the virus has spread

The virus mutates and multiplies
This effects it’s transmission and strength 
And the populati...

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Good Morning

It is a cold and dry spring morning
A heavy frost covers the ground
A beautiful, slow strutting pheasant
The only colour to be found

An arctic, icing sugar dusting
White glaze lingers on everything
The sun is bright in the hazy sky
As the wild birds begin to sing

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Everything Will Be Alright (Version 2)

When you haven't ventured out for months
And you haven't seen a friendly face
When the winter weather has been harsh
And you haven't left your local place

When you have spent a year in lockdown
And you don't recognise new normal ways
When you fear life will never be the same
And you can't see clearly through the haze

When restrictions start to get lifted
And the clouds are broken by s...

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Everything Will Be Alright

When you haven’t ventured out for months
And you haven’t seen a friendly face
When the winter weather has been harsh
And you haven’t left your local place

When you have spent a year in lockdown
And you don’t recognise new normal ways 
When you fear life will never be the same
And you’re on the path to brighter days

When you are nearer the end than the start
And the finish line is just...

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St David's Day

Today we celebrate St David's Day
The first day of March and first day of Spring
New joy found in the promise of rebirth
Encouraged by the hope this Season brings 

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