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Just imagine

Lying in a crib of straw

Staring at a star

Hanging over the barn

That whistles

With the soughing wind

Prizing at the flimsy wood

That keeps the night at bay


Just imagine

Your future laid before you

In pre-ordained days

That smell of blood and betrayal

The multi-paternal conundrum

That plays upon your mind

As you carve wood

And practice your magic


Just imagine

The kiss upon your cheek

From a friend who would betray you

For silver salvation

The gravity of flesh

Dragged down penetrating nails

Hammered in your palms

And then you die


Just imagine

Nerves regenerating

The burning spray of blood

That floods your long dead carcass

And your eyes creak open

In a darkened tomb

Where they have lain you

In fervent salt tears


Just imagine

Ascending on chariots

Billowed from the clouds

While angels sing their praises

And disciples tell the world

That this death and resurrection

Foretells our own

Stairway to heaven


Just imagine

Lying in a shop doorway

A sleeping bag worn thin

Pale soup digesting

From a Christmas eve soup kitchen

In twentyfirst century Britain

Where shoppers rush

To get the presents in


Just imagine

If that Nazarene

In all his biblical glory

And tales of salvation

Expected his creation

To celebrate his birth

By putting spikes down

Where the homeless sleep


Just imagine

Lying in a bag of foam

Staring at a star

Hanging over the alley

That whistles

With the bitter wind

Prizing at the flimsy heat

That keeps a soul alive


If we can imagine magic tales

That give us hope

Surely we can conjure tales

That feed and clothe

The homeless strays

Who do not even have a  barn

Star of wonder star of night

Star with royal beauty bright

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Harry O'Neill

Fri 16th Dec 2016 09:33

Pre-Christmas preparations have stopped me getting right back to this one.

I like the simplicity of this (the way it goes through the tale and gets back to the state of things on earth)

I like that `and then you die` at the end of stanza three, and the telling of the resurrection in the next. we tend- not so much to forget, as to ignore - the fact that - like Christ - we have to die first.

I also like the way your repeated `Just imagine` is directed at the reader. (your first four stanzas have established that Christ had had a bit of experience of the later ones)

What I think would have made it more (modernly?) powerful would have been a reference to the mental agony which culminated in Christ`s `why have you forsaken me`)

As a Christian I would balk at the `magic` bit. But this is as open-an-eyed exposure of what the manger scene was all ultimately about as you could get.


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Mon 12th Dec 2016 23:21

Hello Ian,

3 Words.


I cannot say more than that. It's about time people put things in perspective, and You have done that in a spectacular way.

Nice one Blue!


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