Nothing Ever After



All my life I have been visited by a black dog,

Who brings dark thoughts of death and dying.

This is a coward’s escape in the light of day,

But no light penetrates the darkness I feel.


The decisions I make and the people I lead,

Who trust and respect the results I achieve,

The family I love and the life that I lead,

Make the challenge of now so damn hard.


 At times this madness seems logical to me,

In the insecurity of fear that stalks me now,

But a mystery amazing to the people I love,

This secret unknown in my private distance.


The black dog leaves and with him my fear,

But I always remember him with respect,

And wait for the day when he will return,

And hope that he leaves before I escape.







I feel bleaker than bleak


More empty than full

More restless than calm

More hopeless than hard

More gutless than strong

More boneless than brave

More pointless than sharp

More faceless than feared

More skinless than naked

More airless than breath

More lifeless than dead

More useless than you


I feel like crying inside.


Won’t someone just do something?












When I die,

Wear a happy face,

Even though you may be crying inside.

You were my up, my down, my going in, my coming out.

You made me often happy and sometimes sad.

You were the life of my love,

You were my home,

Coming home







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