Prison - Mandela thoughts

If you feel imprisoned today,

In factory, office, school,

With woman, parent, child,

Just the groundhog day of life.


These words can set you free

From your private prison cell –


You can walk along the shore,

With sand between your toes,

And salt-caked cracking lips.


You can fly a million miles,

With sea below and stars above,

And wind-watered streaming eyes.


You can be your inner self,

With dreams and touch of love,

And razor-sharp passions edge.


Let the inspiration of my words be

Like the rumble of a small earthquake,

Or the flash of lightning thunder,

In the whirlwind of your future.


You can ....


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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Fri 13th Dec 2013 11:53

Good poem, Mr Beckett, with an excellent theme. I'm honestly not sure how honest it really is - the transforming power of words to lift the soul out of pure misery. They certainly must reach a receptive and perceptive mind, one with fulsome powers of imagination - and, I would think, experience.

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Laura Taylor

Mon 9th Dec 2013 11:07

A lovely poem, full of optimism, of that old 'putting things into perspective'

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Sat 7th Dec 2013 09:25

Yes - I'd agree - words can help you escape from whatever drudgery you find yourself in - Mandela's being the most extreme of situations.

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