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Violent Energies standing at bay,

Lurking in the shadows,

Stalking their prey

Yearning for the glitch in my stride

Begging for my speech to flutter


It’s either me or the others ?


The sunken place is one we all know

Stuck in the pits of sorrow,

Burrowing ourselves in the depths of our minds,

The world around us becomes blind

The timing is always impeccable 

Always off guard,

Purposely hidden under our radars 

Then the challenge begins


Do I succumb to the parasitic influences?

Allowing your mental to be diluted 

Allow HELLS gates to be unleashed ?

My demons await the day to walk free


This is what they WANT

What’s a better strategy than SELF destruction ?

Then again that is what we were TAUGHT 


The KEY is to know SELF

RAmember YOU are the master 

Those gates can’t open without your permission 

Be mindful of the distractions 

Don’t get stuck in a NEVER ENDING intermission 

That ticket to paradise has an expiration date 

Get it together ?

This is one time you don’t wanna be LATE 









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