"There, (in my heart)"

"There,(In my Heart)"

I thought of death a thousand times,

So I began to dig a grave in my heart,

Peeking into it now and then,

Trying to find the best spot,

Where I can lay the burden and my head.


My friend says, "rest if you find any there",

But when they talk about down there,

All I hear about are immortal hungry worms

And the endless flowing springs of volcano

So how could there be rest for anyone there?


Up there, they say will feature orchestra from many nations, 

Praising Him with all their might,

For the sun will rise and there will be no night,

Nor a single moment of quiet,

So where would I find rest for my soul?


Today, I will dig deep into my heart,

To find that spot that would be void of noise,

So that when there calls with all his might tomorrow,

It will find my answer lying here.









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Emeka Collins

Sat 3rd Apr 2021 10:45

Thank you Keith.

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keith jeffries

Sat 3rd Apr 2021 10:42

A well thought out poem which I find interesting.

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