"Walking Tender Paths"

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"Walking Tender Paths"


Falling in love with a poet is weird-some

He begins by writing you poems in the night

About the beauty in your eyes, the honey on your lips

And the passion with which he would kiss each one of them.

Sensual right? But a poet isn't a blind lover.

He sees-talk everything in between

All are part of falling in love, 

nothing is left out because of public cry.


He mourn your silence with a line

And writes a sonnet secretly to you,

Whenever you breaks a pound in his heart,

He uses every word to woo you back

And serenade you with the rhythm of each pause

And flows back into your conscious with every rhyme of his line.


These "dirty" children of his emotions

Locked in the closets of his imagination

Are unseen by private eyes

But resound in the memory of the beloved

And embraced in bed during nightfall

As a figment of all that could be but are not.


When a poet falls in love with you

He is timid with his words

When he stands before your gaze

But audacious in his writing 

When you stand as the muse of his piece.


Poets in love loves the journey

From when your quarrel lays them in bed in sorrow

Or when you cuddle beside them in cold nights,

To when they sulk seeing you with another.

They want to own you solo

Like you are the world they live in. 


Poets may never know how to love 

Like you want them to even if they try 

Their love isn't a sprint

But a sacred delicate journey of hearts

Every turn is laden with joy inexpressible

Or pain deeper than can be described.



(Dedicated to a poet-friend: Pretty Jewel)




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keith jeffries

Tue 29th Dec 2020 23:17

Emeka, exceptional and another poem for your star chamber.
Thank you for this

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Emeka Collins

Sat 28th Nov 2020 07:56

Thank you so much, Paul, for your kind words and prayers.
I couldn't have come this far without the help of everyone here especially yours and that of Keith Jeffries.
I am grateful for holding my hands to walk this path.

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Paul Sayer

Fri 27th Nov 2020 19:34

Emeka since your first day walking the path of WOL
I have watched your footsteps both tread lightly and stomp.

As the dust settled there you stood
resplendent in your 'Full Armour of God'.

Your shield unscathed and spear held aloft.

A more tender soul is hard to find
who stands and defends with a powerful mind
Many will tremble and feel your force
As God directs you assuredly upon your course.


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Emeka Collins

Fri 27th Nov 2020 19:16

John, Tony, Stephen, and Bardot. Thank you so much for the like.

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