"Armed Men"

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Armed men"

In the middle of a cold night,
Hands clutched on our lovers
And our lovers on us
Birds in a distant singing gleeful songs,
Stars smiling down on us
Everything flowing in its own tranquility.
Then, we heard gun shots
and our heartbeat became still
We ran towards the window
Peeping cautiously so they don't see our eyes.
We saw them,
men in black with bloodshot eyes and a hard look
And then we saw their haggard van
Smelling of weed and cruelty
The Police!!!
We boiled in our fear
As they dragged the corpse of the man along
Like a mutilated sacrifice
We overheard the wife saying something about money not given, 
And furniture scattered in the house
She had a baby in hand and a teen beside 
All made mourners in the middle of this night.
We watched silently as our ambassadors of peace leaves
Having brought war down to our doorsteps.

crimePolice brutality

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Emeka Collins

Sun 25th Oct 2020 11:17

@Bardo and Elena, thank you for your kind comments.

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J.D. Bardo

Sun 25th Oct 2020 09:03

Emeka, While reading "Armed Men", I trembled in fear. I pray for you that soon, peace is near. J.D.

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Maria Elena

Sat 24th Oct 2020 18:07

Emotional poem.
Peace to you and your family.

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Emeka Collins

Sat 24th Oct 2020 17:35

Thank you so much @Keith. Your comment always sheds great light on my works.

Thank you Stephen for the like

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keith jeffries

Fri 23rd Oct 2020 20:39


This is a very powerful poem indeed. The words, "We boiled in our fear" clearly expresses the effects of such violence. Journalists will report these happenings but only a poet will be able to capture the emotions which are at play. Very well written.
Take great care of yourself and your family.


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