Heart pacing here and there

Like a pregnant deer in labour

But fear throws its bands on her 

So truth is born a stillborn


How do I begin to bare this hopes

Woven around my mind like tensed spider webs

For their is no freedom in being free

It only strengthen the chains that desires to bind us.


Freedom call is desirous

Letting caged words fly abroad

Towards the ears that they were meant for

Jarred by the potency of fear.


So I will let this anger speak in silence

Let time's strokes cure this madness

With hope that you won't be blind

To all these actions on the feet of fear.


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Paul Sayer

Sat 31st Oct 2020 22:05

Emeka sometimes we misunderstand the timing of things.

There are so many changes that have to take place before our grand part in the plan can come into force.

You can't hurry fate, my friend.

Remember you are never alone.


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Emeka Collins

Thu 29th Oct 2020 06:26

Thank you so much Paul. I feel great to hear from you again and your words this time came with a stronger soothing feeling. I think it is important to hear from others apart from ourselves that we are making progress even when evidence within denies it.

Thank you again.

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Paul Sayer

Wed 28th Oct 2020 19:48

You are NOT 'just' a lone voice Emeka.

Your words are listened to by many in your village and far far beyond it.
Your voice speaks volumes.

Your heart is true. More and more come to gain strength from your words.

So young, yet so wise. At the feet of some great men, you have sat and absorbed their words of wisdom and knowledge.

“What is the use of all that knowledge if you do not share
Your wisdom with another to pass on through the years.”

A very wise gentleman once told me this Emeka, and I will always remember it well.

Your stand is admirable, your brain keen. Gain strength knowing friend that knowledge is the true power.

One day you will understand why you are where you now and the great work you do.

Be well, young friend.

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