Dire Consequences

It creeps into the veins, taking root,

the dread seeps into the very bone

Fear takes hold, latching on tight,

pain into your very being is sown


Scarlet wings spread against pristine tile,

an icy grip clenches around your heart

A dark shadow looms close above,

A scythe strikes tearing your soul apart


Pulled in by burning chains, you fall,

the smell of brimstone assaulting the senses

Blinded by the inferno of Lucifer’s wrath,

sins are dealt with fair consequences 


Skinned alive and lips sewn with silk,

eyes gouged and limbs smashed

Heal up fast with daemons spells

only to again feel Satan’s lash


Insanity brought about by trauma,

wishing for freedom from such a fate

Yet you’re kept buried with lack of faith,

Evil’s vile craving that can never be sate


Always remember that with sin there is Hell

and here we close a dreary tale of lore

Never forget what awaits you on the other side

for taking a human life can never be ignored

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