Senryu 1

Clouds running leeward

Far; stretched to the horizon

Freedom for the eyes 


Cherry blossoms fall

Softly upon the water

Flowing through the soul 


Willow dappled light 

Dances lightly on my soul

Always in my hart


Nightly you appear 

To masquerade as moonlight 

deceit in your stealth 

◄ Wind Birds

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Sat 20th Apr 2019 07:36

Hi Keith, thanks for your comments, I’m glad your imagination has been stimulated by these haiku. Much appreciate you saying so.

Hi Steve, these are four separate poems but the the first three where written at the same time, so I think there is some kind of link between them. Perhaps through the thoughts or emotions I had at the time.
Thanks for pointing out the difference between haiku and Senryu, much appreciated.
Will look up the poetry of Nick Virgillo. Thanks for your time and encouragement.

Thank you Randy, mona and Damon for the likes.

All the best des

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keith jeffries

Thu 18th Apr 2019 09:03


This poem plays with my imagination and conjures up all sorts of interpretations. Delicately and beautifully written.

Thank you

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