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In the front row ready to watch Hamlet

I stretch out my legs contentedly

“These are the best seats and the cheapest

You can see everything from here”

Says the guy next to me

“It’s like being part of the action”

I nod politely


The ghost doesn't appear

We have to imagine him

At the back of the theatre

So we swivel our heads

Uncomfortably just in case

He's really there

By the lights room


One of the actors

Forgets his lines

Up close the look of panic

On his face is obvious

But he struggles through

The guy next to me chuckles

“I got the last ticket” he whispers


Poor Ophelia is skimpily dressed

For her tragic final scenes

From where we sit little

Is left to the imagination

The guy next to me coughs

And opens a packet of sweets


As the play ends with a flourish of swords

The poisoned cup rolls across the stage

Coming to a rest near our feet

“You don't get that further back”

Says the guy next to me, before asking

“Did you follow the story?”


David Subacchi.2015

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David Subacchi

Wed 28th Oct 2015 22:39

Thanks Cynthia.

I enjoyed writing it after I got back from the theatre!



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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Wed 28th Oct 2015 21:03

Fantastic, from start to finish. Just a continued pleasure as the 'scenes' developed both on and off-stage, complete with cross-over comedy, and punchy one-liners. And you make the ideas and their necessary words 'run' so effortlessly.

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David Subacchi

Wed 14th Oct 2015 13:11

Thanks raypool.

I didn't know Michael Green's book was still in print. I read it many times when still at school in the early 70s and an enthusiastic amateur actor!

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Wed 14th Oct 2015 13:01

Very enjoyable and great sense of pathos - it reminds me of going to local am dram stuff and being in hysterics with a friend to be told stuffily" if you aren't enjoying it why don't you leave?" but we were of course.
regards, Ray

ps I recommend "The art of coarse acting" by Michael Green.

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David Subacchi

Tue 13th Oct 2015 23:06

Thanks Stu.

Yes it was me but I was heading home having been to the Birmingham Literature Festival to read my selected poem 'The Gun That Killed Gandhi'.



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Stu Buck

Tue 13th Oct 2015 22:34

love this. its very clever and as someone who has stood in the globe theatre in a party of people who did not want to be there i can sympathise. fairly sure i saw you last night walking up past the train station. hope you werent on your way to voicebox, which finished extremely early.

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