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 (Painting by Elijah Walton 1832-1880

Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery).


 I am not sure whether

 They are ascending

 Or descending,

 Steps cut in snow

 Might indicate the latter

 But I am no expert.


 What I do know, is that

 This was the infancy

 Of Alpine climbing,

 Their big hats

 And long ice picks

 Prove it.


 Four men stare at me

 From an icy slope

 As if I had called out

 Suddenly to them,

 They look displeased

 At my rude interruption


 Of their spiritual activity,

 For they believed

 A mystical force led them,

 That same force the artist

 Has trapped forever

 Within this wooden frame.


(c) David Subacchi.2015

poetry about mountaineering




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Wed 3rd Jul 2019 22:53

A very fine poem David ; I love the subject, and the mindset that goes with that enterprise, which at the time you mention was almost the equivalent of space flight today, demanding and dangerous with little help apart from ice axes, leather boots and heavy coats. You get to the heart of the matter here, the spiritual force being a sort of recklessness with do or die approach.

Great stuff! Ray

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David Subacchi

Wed 3rd Jul 2019 21:45

You can find more examples of my poetry here on Write Out Loud or simply by searching on line for DAVID SUBACCHI.

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