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Danny Giesbrecht

Updated: Mon, 19 Apr 2021 01:30 pm

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Hello my name is Danny Dyck Giesbrecht I'm 5foot 11 and u weight 200 lbs here's my storey how I started writing poetry 2017 is when I had my spiritual awakening it was a real night mare till just recently. Me and my girlfriend at the time were living in a apartment, at first we could still see our kids but the less we got to see them the crazier I got. Then my brother ended up in the hospital but he didnt make it out of there alive . That was a main turning point in my life and also about the time I got kicked out of the apartment and was forced to live on the street, or the shelter but I always seemed to get kicked out of the shelter, and it was winter time coldest winter we had in ten years, I did not see eye to eye with most of the staff at the shelter, so I ruffed it out in the cold it wasnt so bad as long as I kept moving, and at the time I was doing a lot of drugs so I stayed pretty numb for most of it . I did however make the mistake of falling a sleep out side 3 different times with no bkanket just the cloths I had on needless to say I'm lucky to be hear today most pain full mornings I have ever felt, since it was -40°c or colder I ended up building my self a house out of pallets, cardboard and styrofoam I found at one of the body shops. Then I dug a hole in my shack I built so no one would see, it was about 8 to 9 feet deep and about 10 feet in length and 9 feet in width I put up timber from the rail road tracks as I dug to keep it secure, I have a few bomb shelters ,and hide away forts in my life, and for the rest of the winter that was. And the room beneath is were I slept it was actually quite warm down there. But I made Shure it was far away from downtown so none of the street thugs would find out where it is, it gets pretty rough on the streets in Lethbridge where I was staying at the time, it didn't help the car fentinal epidemic was rampet for the homeless, but that is one drug I did not do any more since I was on methadone. That year I ended up saving about 20 people from overdosing, and 10 more died I tried saving them performing cpr I tried, and a few of those people were friends I seen everyday so that did not help my mental state, at the same time I took it better then most would think fore my time I lived in Mexico desensitization me a bit . I have been spiritual for a bit now never cared much for organized religion any one who says they are with God and then starts a war are full of shit in my book, cause there is no such thing as a vengeful God just a benevolent God who knows only love. I should have died many times in my life time but I never did because I have a higher purpose in this life to help as many people as I can and I have been, every chance I can and also I'm happy to say I got my self off of the methadone about 4 months ago , I don't smoke ,or drink alcohol, I still love my pshycadelic drugs will probly always do them, that is usually how I write my best poetry. If I can over come the darkness and travel with a light so bright evil don't stand a chance any one can please take my lead and let's help this planet of ours shift to higher demensions it is the whole reason we are all on This beautiful ball that is Gaia I love you and keep on spinning u beautiful ball of love, and that is one one thing we truly cannot live with out.


there's a evil I know never leaves my side. It lives deep in my psycie where only darkness resides. Its name is no secret and it feeds when im week. My sanity the victim, bits of my soul it trys to reep. some days its comfort keeps me from freezing so tightly l hold . A blanket of deception and lies I sink deeper in the fold. it's not just me that pays the price. its my children and family as my heart turns to ice.

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Sun 29th Dec 2019 04:15

Just now discovering your poems and enjoying your art. I have added you to my favorites. Thanks for sharing your gifts. Write on!

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keith jeffries

Thu 15th Aug 2019 07:59

Welcome Danny! You have talent. Let’s see more of your work.


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Lisa C Bassignani

Fri 14th Jun 2019 21:53

All of our stories are to be continued...

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