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USA Economics

Money is a lie that the government owes you
Sit there and listen to all the bullshit that they tell you
It's a shame when the lies become the truth 
So what's use the youth to get them high
Just for rich can a diet them 
Into a prison that doesn't love them

We live in a government that citizens isn't loved
So blame it on the poor and the welfare checks
Then go brag about your bread but y...

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Story Of Julian

This is the story of a boy that lived in Crystal City
His name is Julian he was a good kid before prescription drugs got to him
Julian told the doctor he wanted to kill himself
She gave him all these medications
Now his nose is bleeding from the xanax
He's addicted to it and now he's trying meth

Now he's fading in and out on the couch
His doctor canceled his medical prescriptions
Now we ...

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I'm sorry, I'm trying  

I see a face in the rain
I'm not gonna be here for much longing
Make sure my father doesn't kill himself
I know he's going to go insane when I'm gone
Where did all the time go
I broke my skin again 
I didn't do it for 6 months
Now I'm covered in blood again
I'm sorry, I'm trying  
I don't have a reason to do better
I care I just can't show it when you in front of me
I'm mumbled mess try...

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Crystal City Part 2 lyrics

Fuck Crystal City
Stop saying they had a hard life
Bitch you're the one who decided to do the needle
Never forget it you did it to yourself
You don't want to do the green
Because you're addicted to crystals

I don't want anything to do with you kids
Grow up and go to drug rehab
One day the city will get its name back
Until then it will be Crystal City

Just listen to the lyrics you'll ...

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Crystal City Part 1 lyrics

Grew up in Crystal city 
Where the cops did her
And everyone on her looked like zombies
Me and my friends made fun of them 
Until they got addicted to her 

I am better then Crystal city 
So who needs this shit 
I am going into the lane of victory
Drug free is victory
So let's keep that way 

We'er better then this city 
We'er better then this city 
Victory drug free victory drug fre...

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2 Years It's Been :(

It's officially two years today
Since I became the hollow shell of a man
Things never get better in time
So don't fall for that trap
Learn to cope with the pain but it's always there
Catch the world in a different light
It's still the same world

You'll have depression for as long as you live
The pills might make you feel better
As soon as you're out it's back
So don't lie to yourself a...

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So Call It What You Want

Call it what you want but I don't give a damn
A generation of misfits a generation of addicted to drugs
We watched our parents work day in and day out for nothing at all

So call it what you want it was selfish and we're done with your games
They worked all night and day to rent a house
I'm sorry but there's something messed up in that sentence

So call it what you want drugs to stay numb ...

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entry picture

Told myself deep down that you would never win
All this time you had me at checkmate and I didn't even know it
So mother kick me again I like the way the pain feels
All I wanted was a family but I doubt I'll ever have it
Mother you wanted me miserable well you win

Remember the night that you gave me the knife
You told me to cut you out of me I'll die before that happens
But you're wrong I...

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Winter Wind

I was sixteen and grieving
On a cool day of autumn
I was waiting for you to come get birthday pancakes
But you never showed up 
You never showed up

Sorry but I hate you for leaving me here alone
They found your body in a lake
It was my birthday and they took you from me
I am sorry my love

A gunshot in your head
The last time I seen you
You were taking my innocence away
Does anyone ...

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Margaret and Mordecai

Autumn has never been this cold
I can't think of anything to say now
I'm running out of reasons to stay on this Earth
I hope the falling leaves remind you of me
Self-mutilation doesn't help anymore

How could you leave me so broken and say you cared
I dream of ending my existence
You realize that I was the one I'll be too late
I'll be 6 feet under the soil

When you imagine me do you im...

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One Lonely Snowflake

It's like clockwork how my heart misses you
I'm letting these February blues 
Take me off under the ice
Your hugs are better at warming my soul
Than hot chocolate and a quilt so why did you let go?

December was more like depressed on eggnog 
I've never felt so much pain in my life 
It's been here for 2 years straight
I don't think it's leaving anytime soon

December was more like depre...

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Old Man

I've been looking for the right thing to say
You're the most beautiful lady I've ever seen
I know you won't be home anytime soon

The consistency of the way I tell you goodnight 
Has you thinking it's just a hobby for me
The truth is there's love in every word I send you

Just remember I only have one heart and I gave it to you
I promise to stay loyal to you so please come home soon

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Still Love Her

[Verse 1:]
I can't be leaning on anyone
When I still have love for you
I thought I knew better than this
Then falling in love with you 
Because you break my heart 
you break me heart

I'm trying to get through to her
I still have love for her 
I'm trying to get through to her
I still have love for her

[Verse 2:]
I can perform magic with you
I can perform lust with you
I d...

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The Beginning

Firefly I miss you
Firefly can we watch Rock & Rule
Just lay by me and hold my hand 
Firefly I'm losing my mind

Firefly I got a bottle of vodka
I don't want to drink it without you
Will you be my Touka?
I'll be your Ken Kaneki I promise I'll always protect you

I'm barely human anyway
I've been chewing on my pinky lately and blacking out
I know he misses his darling his sugar plum

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Group of Old Crows

Cigarettes and vinegar
With the raunchy taste of blood
I'm the consequences that you'll regret in the morning
So plead your fifth as you forgive my face

You will never forget what you've did to me
How could you bury me inside these four walls?
You're all alone with a ghost that you've made
How's it feel to know that you can't leave what you've done?

Do you believe that God can forgive ...

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Words of The Waiting Man 19

Can you please stop
The words in my head is drowning me
The skin clings to the bone
I just want to breathe

As everyone's judgmental eyes on me
I burst into tears there has to be a way out of this alive
Why was I created so flawed
My worth is not existing

Before you get a chance to speak sense to me
My anxiety panic mind wants to end it all
I miss the loving light that you gave me

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Memento Mori

One year and 12 months that's all I have left on this Earth
The closest thing to home
That I've ever felt in the last two years
Was a rubber around my neck

I don't love a soul I swear to it
Fuck I lied again 
I told my friends I'm going out like Robin Williams
I've been suicidal since I was 14

I go through a pack of menthols a day
Their self care in the way I live now
Blasting now no...

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A Moment of clarity

I lost myself somewhere in between
The longboard in the road beneath me
For a second there I was floating in the sky
The blood-stained Supernova rushed into my thoughts

So where are you when I was getting high
Because somewhere in this vodka bottle
There has to be the answer I'm looking for
It just may take a few thousand bottles before I get there though

So what's going to kill me fir...

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Pink Room Lyrics

I'm stuck in this pink room
I don't think I'll ever make it out
Depressed and lonely talking to four walls
What a shit way to start a song

[Verse 1:]
I'm fishing for compliments
They're not giving me any
Look God I've been praying 
I don't think it's working
I know you can't have a funeral without fun

So if I die before I wake
Just laugh because that's all I wante...

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Letter To Firefly

entry picture

Please look at me
All my feelings for you have never left
I remember you falling asleep in my arms being complete
I still have your straightener  
In my tote where I keep all of the things of yours
I miss waking in your arms feeling happy
Thinking about you make tears fall out my eyes
I'm sorry that I'm weak when it comes to you
If I was your Sour Patch Kids
Why couldn't you handle the so...

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Dear God Why?

entry picture

I swear that my mind's going to be the death of me
I can't go anywhere where other people are at
Without having to walk the other way
This social anxiety is a terrible fate

I take prescriptions but they're not working anymore
Had someone asked me if I was okay
Ended up crying for 3 hours straight
Everyone still wants me to get a job

I wish I could I wish I wasn't so fucked up
My brain...

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Princess of the Fireflies

entry picture

Dear Firefly princess there's no words to explain how much you mean to me
I just miss you and I know I shouldn't cry about it but I do I just my heart aches
I know my heart is getting worse I wake up in pain every night now
I can barely keep food down anymore I'm so worried about you 
I'm just your Sour Patch Kid that doesn't mean anything to you anymore it feels like

P.s. I will always lov...

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Cafe Blues And An Rainstorm From You

It's unnecessary how rugged the rain is come down

Somewhere I lost myself in old pictures of you

Can you kiss me like the rain coming down

I feel like my bitter battered heart has been crying out

Listen to all the sounds that you make


So slurp on your coffee some more

As I imagine you are so gracefully looking up

I couldn't get away form these cafe blues

They're the ma...

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Melancholy Weather lyrics

[Verse 1:]
This Melancholy weather has the best of me
I talked to my father he said you wasn't the only fish in the sea
But you are the only fish I see 
So who am I supposed to be
You could give me the third degree
But this boy's love will always be free for you

I want to settle down and have a couple kids
If that doesn't happen before 26
You can't say I didn't try to show you ...

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[Verse 1:]
You don't know how precious you really are
You're way too beautiful for words to explain
You're rarer than the rose in the concrete
When I see you I see Heaven inside you
You make me into a sappy little kid
You have me waiting here with your sweet lovely hands
You're definitely the one I can't refuse it at all
Firefly have your back no matter what

I'll be waiting her...

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Being alive isn't living
I don't fear dying now
So as I tried to overdose
On all the promises you made me

[Verse 1:]
All I want to do is dream
Dreaming is dangerous when you're comfortable in it
Is this not relatable to you
I thought I could fly but the concrete woke me
All I want to do is dream

[Hook 1:]
Pick-A-Part my mind
To find if there's love for you
The answer you...

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Basement Thumping

We're smoking loud 
We're basement drinking
We're all cereal now
Lit as fuck with our hearts on the ground

[Verse 1:]
I'm just trying to find my happiness
I like to keep myself in this business
I'm straight up losing this
This Kush is loud straight tidiness
Now play the hook again and just say grace

We're smoking loud 
We're basement drinking
We're all cereal now

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A Letter From Sour Patch Kid

This is the story of a Sour Patch Kid
Tell me what to say now
You have me singing a broken ballad
I shouldn't love you but I did
You was my dirty little secret

One kiss and I became Bewitched
I broke up with my girlfriend of 7 years for you
I gave up New York for you
It was never enough for you

I was a fuck boy who had everyone fooled 
Thinking I was a good kid
Then the truth came s...

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The True Life of A Poor Kid Lyrics

This isn't about race
It's the poor versus the 1%
If they get their way 
They'll make it about race

[Verse 1:]
I'm going to get a little political
I'm a liberal until the day I die
Just because we have different politics doesn't mean anything
Antifa stop punching everyone you think it's a Nazi
MLK told us that words are more powerful so use them
Violence only makes a villain ...

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Homeless. Lyrics

entry picture

[Verse 1:]
Let's get it right we both understand each other's pain
We were both born to mothers that don't love us
They both was abusive and addicted to drugs
I remember the night that you were homeless
I couldn't let you sleep on the street
I love you to goddamn much 

I'm trying to make a living on this music
Every time I see your picture
It reminds me of why I can't let go

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Goodnight Firefly Never Forget That You're The Reason I'm Still Alive

I've caught this broken hearted fever
I don't think they make glue to fix this
Your love was the blow torch that melted it back together
Now your absence is weighting on me

The ghost of us making out on the kitchen counter
I was so nervous with you 
I never wanted to hurt you but my anxiety came out
To destroy our love story that we were making

if I could go back to them days
I would ...

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I am only damaged goods
There's nothing good about me dear
You should have killed me at least 
I would have been better off
You were my everything but now I'm just a zombie

I still remember everything you told me
Conversation is thrilling with you
So please come home soon I'm numb to everything
I'm liking the thought of positivity
You were my everything but now I'm just a zombie

You ...

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Sweet Like Vinegar

Don't try to understand this
The absence of my will to live
Has possession over me
It's terrifying in my mind

I don't have what it takes to stay alive
I was once strong don't get me wrong
With your arms wrapped around me so tight
Now I'm here of a dead soul

It's terrifying in my mind
Has possession over me
The absence of my will to live
Don't try to understand this

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We'er Moving

We're moving in a month
To some house in England
I'll miss this place
I'll miss my friends
Mother can't afford this house
Dad why did you have to leave us
We're moving to 30 East Drive

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Firefly// Self Harm In a Bottle of Gin

Sinking feeling of dread
Comes over you as the night falls
I don't want to live but I don't want to die
I don't really think it's ever going to get better

I'm consumed by this Melancholy weather
Don't tell me I should live
Because I've heard it all before
April at the age of 15 you were taken too early

It left me begging for death
Don't tell me I should live
Negative lines are tight ...

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