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Words of The Waiting Man 18

As you distorted the words I had to say
Dismiss fitted heart of mine broke down into painless realization
Overcame me like the oxygen in my lungs
I realization of the truth that my mind needed you and only  you
I'm always going to be an option on the table but that's not good enough to you but I need love like anyone else
I pray to every God damn being in this universe for you to come back

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I Am a Broken Down Factory lyrics

I've been so disgusted with myself
If you leave me here you won't miss me
Pocket full of posies were all going to be ashes soon
My mind's decomposing to misery

This social anxiety is eating me alive
I'm not brave enough to fight alone
I've got this hole in my chest ever growing
This heartbreak is killing me

I wish I could just stop caring
I'll be dead by 2020 so who cares anyway
I be...

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30 East Drive

With uneasy tension in the air
Your body turns into an chilled mess
Manifests into the tragedy that happened in this house
Whispering in your ear gently

For who sleep in 30 East Drive
Will never wake again

So name him Fred and let him be your friend
You never seen his sinister nature behind a smile
For the black monk house will already have you
So cry for mercy but there is not any mo...

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Existence Under Blood Moons

entry picture

The truth is I'm not okay
If I start explaining my demons we'll be here all night
I've been broken but not this bad 
I'm a cliche that no one wants around anymore

Dig your fingernails into my skin
It's okay I'm too numb to fill anyway
I'm kicking it back like the Karate Kid
I'm melting away like ice cream

I'm dying in this little town 
That always looked at me like I'm a Satanist

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Samurai Bebop 6 Golden Lotus

Drown myself in a bleak existence without you
Eye for an eye will make the whole world blind
I can never replace you
Self harm doesn't hurt anymore I'm numb to it
I'll always love you 
These voices say I'm miserable alone
I believe every word they tell me
Because I miss you everyday
My soul is so empty that I don't feel anything
It remembers having you in it was full of joy

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Ich vermisse dich Firefly

Don't tell me you're taking this seriously
You was never the type to fall in love
Used everyone to get your way in life
Now you're at that peak of fame in your running from it
Mumbling to yourself that you want to be with her
Boys used to not care about a damn soul
You lost friends like paper in the fire
What did she do to make you so weak
It's like you have a heart you at the age of 21

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Je t'aimerai jusqu'au jour de ma mort
âme Firefly continue à tenir
Je sais que les temps sont durs
Je t'aimerai toujours jusqu'au jour de ma mort


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Rainy Monday

Menthol cigarette to kill me faster 
I don't want to get lost in 6 feet regret
So is my love worthless like my brain tells me
I got change in my pocket but I don't think it's enough for your heart

So if I live long enough do you think you'll love me
Should I echo the line full of dread
I know that you go through pain
I get you better than anyone else does

I've never had the right words...

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Tylenol Pills

Have this Tylenol pill
It smell like almonds
It won't be better at all
Your go to sleep after you take it

You may never wake up again
You'll feel better because of it
So here's a glass of water
So get swallowing Tylenol pills

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Illithid// The Mind of Inferno

I'm all alone in this crowd
Melancholy wash the skin until It breaks
The confusion is just the first part of falling apart
So hang yourself on the tree Jesus's cross was made from

Hell won't love you when God's dead
So look up kid everyone has to suffer for sinfully ways
Your morally right is toxic for the mind
Love will numb it until determination kills you

To be vulnerable is to be t...

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Mr. Depression 4 Walking To The Street Lights

How did I let you get this bad
Mr Depression how can I get away 
From you'er bloodshed 
It's my body not yours 

But you'r keep telling me
One more time won't kill me
It's okay this how life is 

I won't ever get away from you 
Your'll always found me 
Your'll always found me 
And kill the good in me 

So how do I fight something 
That is a part of me 
I hate you 
I wish you wasn'...

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The Vow/ Words to a Firefly

Blood soaked cloth is all that remains
Putrid and sour is how regret taste
Bludgeon your ears some more with callus words
The grizzled man that you left will always love you

The vow was made like an birthmark on his skin
It will always be there until the skin rots
He will live in this melancholy existence
He can escape on his free will but he will not

For the vow was to love her and no...

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Words of The Waiting Man 17

I'm losing myself 
In the sinking feeling
You're not coming back home
There's only the sweet smell of melancholy

Suicidal thoughts consume the mind
This frigid summer is about to turn winter
Breathe sweet melancholy fever in
It's chilly inside the lighthouse tonight

No boats are allowed in this antarctic frost
If her Firefly light shine it would feel like summer
There's no green side...

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Mr. Depression 3 Lady Death Journey to Mars

Hello to Mr. Depression
If you could hold time 
Would you still say goodbye 
There is nothing here but good times
So cam you stop crying she would tell the truth
Only the truth she would say
This is her goodbye

I know this isn't a end
You couldn't take 
But everyone gose away
Everyone has too say goodbye
So goodbye Lady Death 

The light, the light, the light
Is where your go 

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Mr Depression 2 Death is Coming

Lady Death why can't you see 
That everyone you know 
Is fake look around before you give in
There has too be someone 
Who is looking for the truth like you

Don’t worry about Mr Depression
His  okay with dying alone
It's something he's had to face with all his life
So go like everyone before you 
It's okay it's not like he love's you 
It's not like he care about you
Hell like I said i...

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Mr Depression 1 The Beginning of The Story On Earth

Here I am thinking to myself
Should I end my pain
For I stop the numbness 
Goddamn wouldn't that be great 

Lady death where are you now?
Lady death why won't you come back?
I'm just Mr Depression 

If I'm so bad then why did you say you loved me
Back in them nights when I showed my heart
So just go like the whore that give me life
It's okay I'll just burn away 

With arms so weak co...

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Firefly/Vanilla Raven

I was so innocent
Living life in my imagination
Had the whole world in my hands
You became reality creeping in

Showing me what true happiness is
So why did you take that away from me?
You were shining a light on my flaws
I was changing my ways for you

When I was almost complete you left me
Why did you leave me in my addiction to bleed
Everyone tells me I should break this promise

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Space Cowboy 11 Harvest of God

Listen up 
This is a funeral for soul
Listen up 
Cowboy you will be reborn in Violet

With wings so heavy 
The vultures can't take you away
Will get off Venus okay
With space suits made out of razor blades

Listen up 
If we can bleed Lady Death can't come for us
Listen up 
You'll have to struggle with addiction

With wings so heavy
The lighter will lead our way
Will get off Venus ...

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This Photograph Is Proof

entry picture

This dead situation is getting even more grim
These floorboards are pussing up with blood
The ghost in the closet keeps opening it up
I beg for some solitude from the faces that's not there

So sit here and ignore all the problems in this house has
Like my cries for help that goes on death's ear
It was my life that got sacrificed for your love
I'm more like my father than I want to be


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I'm Sorry, I'm Trying

It hurts so bad knowing I love you
That I wasn't good enough to keep you here
This suicide love is all I have
Sticking to these words I told you

Taking all I have to hold on to you
I want to let go and dance into the sky
You promised that we would get married
I bet you'll break it with a smile on your face

I'll be here with this loaded rope
I told you all I have this is vow 
You mean...

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Menthol cigarettes and a head full of problems
What a beautiful way to drown in this hell
I can't trust my mind it's always out to get me

Alarm clock sound like bombs dropping
Tearing me from the world that I want to be in
I swear if I could sleep forever I would have you

I'm self-conscious at the situation 
Reality is now my nightmare
I'm always going to be broken

You're always lin...

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Words of The Waiting Man 16

I'm sitting here suffocating in these thoughts
Wishing that I was your favorite person
Every time I start to be you run from me
Leaving me to the fucking thought was I that bad?

I picked you over everyone
That still wasn't good enough for you
I never imagined a future until I met you
Now that slipping away like the sipping on vodka

All day I'm choking on thoughts of you
I'm exhausted ...

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Middle of The Breakdown

I'm sorry, I'm trying

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Space Cowboy 10 Kind of Blue

With The Vultures whispering sweet Lady Death into your ear
That smile turned into a frown
We killed Bebop Samurai
We know you're Mr. Depression

So here's a razor blade some salt for the wound
They're burning like a lighter in the sun
Melting all your walls down for they can come in
Self-abuse is such a beautiful thing when you're awake

Don't you sleep little Space Cowboy
You can't ha...

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Knife Pervert

I'm still Anarchy
I grabbed her by her handle
Pushed her close to my skin
I'm a knife pervert now

Different day but nothing changes
Black fingernail polish and leather jackets
Cuts up and down my thighs
I'm a knife pervert now

Life still tastes bitter sweet
This panic disorder is killing me
A knife can't love you back
I'm a knife pervert now

I see faces in the shadows
So can we ...

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Chocolate-Covered Razor Blades

I just want to pound my face in the pavement
Till there's blood everywhere
Living Without You is worse than death
I wish you were in my room 
For I can lose myself in you
I promise I'll stop bitching about my depression if you come back
This situation has got me at my worst
So talk some sense to me cause I'm about to break this promise
Before I even turned 26 I know I love you but I can't ...

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Rainy Sunday

I'm sorry to the children I'll never have
I gave my life to a promise
Gave away the easy life
To wait in the misery of knowing I'll never have her

It's not her fault I could give up
That would make me like every guy before
So I prove to her that I truly loved her
I never broke my vows to her

They might be the knife sticking out of me
I told her I'd bleed out for her
Did you think I w...

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The Miss Fortune of Finding Out That The Irony Behind This All Was That The Story Was Never Told Truly To You

Just be quiet and polite
There's never any happiness in this
Just days that's gone by surrounded in loneliness
There's only the empty feeling of losing love

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