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Firefly//Words of The Wallflower Boy

I had the whole damn world 
I watched it shatter underneath my feet
Now I'm lost in the underbelly of who I used to be
What do I have left when the hurt is gone

You were always my better half
I let my insecurities take you away
I tried to tell you how I felt but it would never come out right
Firefly I wish I got to open up before you left

Am not giving up on you 
I'm just growing numb...

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Space Cowboy 9 Proxy Opus

The hollow is biting back
With roses burning out your ears
That porch step is gone now
We're seeing your true colors

It's heavy with the vultures around you
We said it back then prove us that were wrong
The casualties in your mind will be many
But the Violet cannot win

Don't disappear into the unknown
You were from Mr. Depression to a Space Cowboy
Deep down he was always there

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Chronic Disease

I think I'm cold to the touch
How simple words can trigger me back to nowhere
Happiness is becomes a consuming lust

It's not really as bad as I say
But the words clanged to my soul
A purpose so worthless I feel empty from it

It's scary what a smile can hide
When completely consumed by the depression
My mind tells to go deeper, deeper, deeper!

What ugly lines on my thigh 
The lines ...

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Access Colors

I'm immersed in the polluted water
Redemption is not a growing sound
I won't be drowning and chlorophene
Just the excess matter in my brain

Luckily the blood is pouring out
Let's stay alive until the sunrise
Summer will fade away and Autumn can come save us
We can hold each other in hollows mouth

Love is absolutely beautiful
Lust will grow stale soon
Hope that conversation is lovely ...

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Firefly//Nicotine High

Cigarettes and the pills what a great way 
To explain the depression everlasting
Drown yourself in Zoloft 
With the strongest menthol cigarette you can find

Coat my lungs in the tar
The only time I feel fine is when I'm dying
Marlboro blacks is her favorite
With the strongest vodka you can find

Coat my lungs in the tar
The only time she feel fine is 
When she is higher nicotine
I ca...

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Firefly// Tumblr Pick Up Lines

She takes her vodka strong
He doesn't think it's important what you believe in
Or he wouldn't be trying to change you all the time

So keep asking yourself if he's the one
Your brain will keep telling you that smart decision to be with him
Your heart will remind you that there's the boy that's waiting

Puff, puff pass remember that's the way we used to live
If was a day drive to get to yo...

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Violet (0) Prelude To Space Cowboy

Violet overthrown of the crown
Smile with your burning rays
You're quite hollow near shallow lights
If you need anyone just know I'll be here

I'll drop everything
Find a place for you to be yourself
Kick me kick me let me bleed out
If you need anyone just know I'll be here

Royalty is your place isn't it violet
Burn my wings off leave them charred
I still love you and the void you lef...

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Space Cowboy 8 Violet Moon

Space Cowboy there was no Great Depression
When you seen her face all the stars aligned
To tell you that she's the one
You may have to fight on Venus all your life

In the purple night sky haze
Was a moment of clarity
For the girl that saved the world showed her light
That light wasn't her being heroic but her fearing that she lost it all

She knew the space cowboy
She only felt love fo...

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Space Cowboy 7 The Great Depression

He's a space cowboy he doesn't follow society's rules
So do you see the world in his eyes
Such a beautiful lie that he tells everyone
He found the cure to depression

It's just a trip to Mars away
You got to stop breathing to make it there though
With bloodshot eyes and hope in his smile
He found the cure to depression

On a mountain of lies that he told the world
His ascension to Mars ...

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entry picture

It's just a jump you should do it
Into the water you won't go
No one cares that you don't know how to swim
Your shattered soul that can't be saved

So just jump into it
The negative one in you is all you are now
So drown yourself in all of this
Or keep waiting on her

You're a black hole of misery
There's no one to blame but yourself
We all know you love her 
So stop repeating it and do...

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Gotta Keep It In

So as I hang in your mind
Honestly I gotta keep it all in
If I let it out you'll get pissed at me again
You can close the door but that won't change a thing

I'm just a boy that understands you better then him
Not the boy you want to be with
Funny how I'll be miserable forever waiting for you
I wish that you could feel how it felt

No fuck that I won't let you feel this bad

Just hang ...

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Letter To Firefly

I guess it's not good enough to take my love up
You'er all I wanted but you'er running from it again
I guess there's no happy ending for me
You're everything I want but you can't realize that

I'm the one who's going to die alone
So there goes my happy ending
You're everything I want
Now you're here Burning bridges again

I'm just here drowning in the sea
You are my everything and you c...

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Words of The Waiting Man 15

Words of the waiting man
looking for a sign of hope
In your tower of lights
You've been here before
She gave you hope that she'll return soon
Just to burn the bridge again
The only one who can make you cry is her
You don't want to fall to pieces
You just want her to know that you're in love with her
So wait your waiting tower
Let her break your heart over and over
The feelings never fad...

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No Purpose

Woke up today to check my Facebook
Just to be reminded that I'm truly alone
I don't think I want to go to bed anymore
I miss the comfort of being sad

Back then I knew I could deal with it
I feel like I'm missing pieces
If this hurts anyone I'm sorry
I miss the comfort of being sad

I want to drink until I’m numb
Until I don’t know who I am anymore
Until is all feels comfortably nothin...

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Grandma I wish I got to know you better
You're the reason I graduated
The day you went into the unknown
Was the day our family died

I don't think things will ever be the same
I grew to love horror movies because of you
The day you went into the unknown
Thank you for standing up against my mother

I never got to tell you 2013 was hell for me
No one recovered after you left us
The day y...

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Not Letting Go (lyrics)

I'm normally heartless and condescending
I can never be that way with you 
(With you, you, you)
You bring the best out of me
So let me bring some clarity to you

My father told me
We're both being a little kids
If we love each other we should be together
It's not as difficult as we make it

All my friends say damn you love her
I'm like no shit Sherlock
I'm a smartass but it's somethin...

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Happy Ending (lyrics this is a song)

Deer slime Queen
I see you there flying like an Firefly
Catching fire to the city
It's something I'll never forget

I'm addicted to the cigarettes and beer on your breath
Morning cuddles and small little kisses x2
Oh-oh, oh-oh, oh

So can we ballroom dance to My Chemical Romance
Have a night that we trust each other 
With each others past
knowing that we won't judge each other

I'm a...

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Firefly// Have Faith In Me

Don't you think for one second I'm giving up on you
I'll be here to be your punching bag
It's easy to see that you're the only one for me
Through the thick and thin I'll be here for you

I'm here to stand my ground to make you understand
You're the only human I see
I love you even at your worst
I'll be here for you even if it kills me

You had me at your first pick up line
So don't star...

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Firefly Vs Hollow kid

I'll save my razor blade for a sunny day
Did you think I'd let the fire die out
I'm rubbing two sticks together
I think the hollows taking over

I'm not strong enough Firefly
It's carnage all around me  
I'm drowning and it feels like tar entering my lungs
It's a beautiful day to bleed out

I'm making all-nighters with pretty
I want to suffocate on you
But the Hollow won't let us

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Firefly// Friday the 13th

She's intelligence she can do most anything
I truly believe these words
She's more than the average human
I hope she hasn't changed a goddamn thing

She's the words that I cannot find
When she's in front of me I stutter over my words
I miss her more than I miss the October nights
I just want to spend my days listening to her

Where the memory of her lays
Is where my roses grow
I almost...

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Firefly// Cobblestone Kisses

I have 10 days now 
                             Until my age is older 
Could you come and save me 
                                 The absence of you is crashing into me
I miss telling you I love you 
                                 You're always be my favorite
I crave your voice telling me
                                   I crave your voice telling me 
You're here to stay this time

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The Hollow// Death To Space Cowboy and Bebop Samurai

Wake up

Death to the Space Cowboy
Death to the Bebop Samurai
There won't be space roses in your graveyard
The hollow is all that remain

Wake up

Push your fingers into your eyes
Tell yourself you're awake with bleeding eyes
The hollow is all that remain
Don't tell the bishop about my blood vessels popping

Wake up

Put a gun to your head
The hollow is all that remain
Oops the t...

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On My Own

I stay in my room all alone
I don't desire human contact
Some of you would see that as a negative
I don't mind being on my own

Yes one day I'd like a family
But until then I'll talk to myself
I think I make lovely company
I don't mind being on my own

I don't mind 
I don't mind 
I don't mind being on my own

So leave me and my social anxiety alone
Pessimistic if you look it up  

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Illithid// The Mind of Martyr

Damaged my mental haze
Could you forgive me for the sins
I could never forgive myself

I won't bend knee to anyone
The ashy rain has our children crying
Freedom has a price It isn't so free

Worship to any God that you feel like
But death will still take you away
We build monuments to our wars

It's like our true nature is violent
So pull a gun out on your neighbor
An eye for an eye ...

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Space Cowboy 6 Sanity Mountain

In my sleep deprivation I found my
It's jagged edges poking out
Slowly lifting your dress up
Self-immolation comes after give up on romance

I'll wait for you on top of sanity mountain
Where all the lights melt the snow
I think I'm scared of the moment where 
I get everything I want

What else do I have to write about
The depression will fade away
We'er on top of sanity mountain
The a...

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Illithid//A Moment of Surrender

How'd you get so far away from me?
You was my holy temple a heart of kindness
The light inside of me growing everyday
But then everything went dark

How'd you get so far away from me?
Everything is crumbling underneath my feet
I'm lost in anti-gravity needing a lifeline
But then everything went dark

How'd you get so far away from me?
I was in the presence of an Angel before this

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Firefly// The First Rule of Love Is You Don't Talk About Love

I'm swinging on the swings thinking out loud
I've been living in these moments without you
It's easy to notice that I'm nothing without you
I've got nowhere else to go without you

So sew my words to your arm
For they can always remind you you're never alone
So it's your demons are winning tonight you're never alone
I'd bleed my heart out to show you that you're not alone

One day you'll...

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I'm getting scared sleep
For the nightmare of her dying
Is replying every time I sleep
This is torture it has to be
I'm getting scared sleep

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Firefly// Purple Flavored Apples

I can't hold on to this
It's too small of a piece of your heart
I want the whole damn thing
So don't give into your fears

I'm the solution to the problem
You're in denial like you always are
Don't make me another regret
You're the sweetest dream that I crave for

you're the brighter side
you're the best part of me
I only like myself when you're by me
If I could go back 2016 I would m...

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Intelligence Versus Brainwashing

We came here to brainwash your children
We'er teach them to obey their parents
And if they don't they're burn in a fire

We came here to brainwash your children
If they have sexual intercourse
Before a piece of paper tell them they can then fire will liquefy them

We came here to brainwash your children
To believe in the boogeyman
If they don't follow our rules they will burn in the fire


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Swallowing Dirt

I want to leave this bad situation
But I'm not leaving without you 
So let my bones decompose
My hand will still be reaching out for you

So can you be my getaway car
I reach inside your skin in shake out your core
I can only burn so many holes into my brain
Before the fireman has to put the fires out

I've got reality tattoo to my lips
Just because I'm waiting on you 
Doesn't mean you...

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Hauntingly Dissolving Rain

She's been misused
He's been trying to mold her like clay
She slowly giving into his well

Her eyes is flooded
Like the emotion she can't get out of her head
She slowly giving into his well

She hesitates to free herself
Because he'll be all alone
She slowly giving into his well

I'm a bright light pointing out his flaws
I'm the acid rain dissolving his false colors
I'm becoming a ra...

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You Should've Killed Me Before The Family Reunions

I gave up everything for you to die with a smile
All I wanted was to hear your voice
The only thing that would 
Make you smile is the silence

So as I black out I asked do you love me
And with the last breath of conscience all I hear is silence
You pierce through my heart was it
It's all over and this is what I got to show for it

You're watching me bleed all out on your white dress
I t...

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Firefly//Colin Told Me That His Title Was Longer Than Me So I Had To Make A Title Longer Than His PS Do You All Like Cookies? Also This Is Tomorrow's Poems I Will Not Have One Tomorrow Cause They Take Me A Day To Make.

Like the Autumn chill
The demons fill my mind with despair
I'm breaking down and I'm chained here
There's nothing physical keeping me here

It feels like I'm breathing in a bag
The demons fill my mind with despair
Procrastinating sleeping for days now
What if I have the dream of her dying again

Wake up screaming from these night terrors
The cycle starts all over again
I'm breaking dow...

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Samurai Bebop 5 If Silver Bullets Don't Work We Can Always Use Holy Water

I'm becoming more like water
Fitting wherever you put me at
So just recapping the hell I'm not like that
I'm a perfectionist and I hate everything I make

So I guess I'll drop my cliche line here
I'll be your bebop samurai
If you'll be my space roses
One day I'll make something better than a cliche

I don't like silence so give me compliments
Tell me how great I am and feed my ego
I th...

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Laying In Ammonia

Boy was 16 and on drugs
He wasn't taking him to get high
He just wanted the fucking die

How much DXM did you have to take before it kills you
How much K2 do you have to smoke before you die
If it didn't kill him he would fuck a dirty girl
Because he was nothing but a slut

Broken in this world all alone
He lost the only human that ever loved him
Now he's bleeding on the ground
Oh boy ...

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