Poetry Blog by Damon Blackery (Jun 2018)

Firefly// No One Likes Hair Metal Anyway

Firefly it seems that I can't get enough of you
Can you catch me under and steal my breath
Can I give you high on my love
And have you sink into every word I say

It seems that I can't get enough of you
Can I make you numb to the depression
may I taste you just one more time
Why don't you believe me I truly love you

Can I wake you up to the monsoon
That's outside your window
I want to...

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Happy Canada Day

We're here to sell you freedom
So will you let your bones rust over
Become a product of government
Let your mind rot to the drugs

America wants to kill its people
It's scary how bad my neighbors have it
Tomorrow wake up and it will Canada day
I know I'm safe here but if I walk past the border I'm a dead man

You're belligerent president is scaring us
You would think after a preschool s...

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Illithid//A Deal With The Halfling

Recovery is futile
The knife pierced through my armor
The devour is always growing
Carnage was all that is ever known

His dark grin is all over
We're out of time for self-discovery
There is no savior from this
You made the bargain with them

Now the piper plays tonight
Into the flames of a thousand corpses you go
So goodbye, goodbye, goodbye

Recovery is futile
Are you sick of runn...

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Words of The Waiting Man 14

You're a fire that will burn to me
So can I keep you close to me
The three degree burns is worth it
I'm getting lonely in this lighthouse

You're the rain that's downpouring
Then I want you to soak into me
Because it's not drowning if it's with you
I'm getting lonely in this lighthouse

You're the hook in the water
Then I'm the fish biting hardly on you
I just want to keep you close to...

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Space Cowboy 5 Violet midnight

I woke up from my cafe blues
To violet midnight and looking for answers on Mars
All I found was the ghost of you holding a baby
You told me that I had to wake up from these dreams
But I wasn't the one dreaming

Before the blood moon rises
She woke up wondering who I was
Paranoia took over like an addiction
She had her coffee and scrambled eggs

She looked out the window to see
A violet...

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Firefly//Better Than Heaven

I'll be here when you're insecure
And I'll be here to be your punching bag when you need it
Because there's not a thing I won't do for you
Beauty is not a word that describes you cause you're so much more

Firefly you're the only thing I've ever got right
You complete me in ways that you'll never know
You made me fear death for the first time
I want to be here to take care of all of your n...

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My crayons are so tedious
The lucent glaze is all but gone now
In its place a beckoning shell of memories
Upon the rising my sanctuary lays

We may not have colours now 
One day the overlining glow will be come back
The shell snap and releasing are mind into Nirvana
The capitalization of my mind will be overarching

For she will be by my side again
I will have a safe spot where the worl...

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My Neighbor and His Leaf Umbrella

I'm lost in this world of unknown ways
Where the trees are loved we honor nature
I'm in this world of professionalism
Where nature is never respected

We've lost our rights to call each other 
Good children of the Earth
We have done nothing but spit in mother face
We have puked Industrialisation down her throat

For what an society that does not care about anyone
we are killing the one ...

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It's been so long since I've seen the light
I've been on the brink of destruction 
I think my sanity is leaking out from ear-to-ear
So could we turn these roses into dust

No one knows our secrets
You taught me how to kiss 
I taught you how to stop time
Now my sanity is called Firefly

My blood turns cold when I think of it
The family I'll never have
When I was younger I wanted childre...

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In The Morning We're Making Waffles

I can't find a reason to get out of my room
The sun is out but I don't care 
So I'll just sleep through the day

The red hot stove
Isn't hot enough 
To burn me back into reality
I can't feel anything anymore

I swear I'm not as bad as it sounds
The sun is out but I don't care
I've been burying my issues 

Salvation is unlikely
I'm just a man made of flesh
It reminds me of reality is...

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Folktale//Children's Desire

It's clumsy and malevolent
But in a way it's salvageable 
Banging and door creaking 
Without passion behind it

The giggling behind is melodic
Cold and rusty at the same time
Only time can wrap around it
Malevolent blood-soaked curdling from it

It is not violent without being provoked
Where does overprotective of what it has
It screech is not like one another
It's words is unkind and...

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The concept of death doesn't scare me
We're all just dust on a big picture
So don't think so highly of yourself
When you die and everyone you know dies 
There goes your memory

We all have two deaths after all
The first one shouldn't scare you at all
It's the second one you should fear
We are all just memories in this world
And when all that's gone we are nothing

Grim but it's the bas...

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Firefly//Envy of An Angel

I'm here just thanking God you're beautiful
With your voice ringing in my head I'm in tears
Angels can't compare to you
I swear to God I'll wait until I'm dust

You're the only human that can bring me to my knees
I'll wait here till you get home
Because you're everything to me and more
So don't you dare say we can just be friends
Because that would never be enough

Oh Firefly one day yo...

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Firefly//Simple And Sweet

I wish I could keep you safe from
All the bad things in this world
I can't so I'll just send you 
Simple and sweet words of love

The worst thing about this is
I know my love will never win
Our fate pulls everything apart
I love you so much don't forget these words

There's endless possibilities 
Maybe one day them will guide you back here
I wish you could stay forever
For I can treat...

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A Token of Betrayal

Apathy is all gone for you
The flowers burn into pages
Like the words rotting into my brain

I choked on the poison down
His putrid face got caught between my teeth
All hail the human spawn of pettiness
The only thing he loves more than himself is lust

I trusted him like a bother 
He spit in my face like the greedy fuck he is
I did everything in my power to
Get the woman he loved back...

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I'm not going to heaven
People like me were meant to die young
Don't get me wrong I'd like to live a happy life with her
But I know them cards are out of the equation

I wish that this was just a phase 
That I could get through
But I've been like this since I was 5
I'm the product of an abused human

Who never got love and clarity 
At the end of the journey
The world's not a messed up ...

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Cafe Blues/ space cowboy poem

Somewhere in this I lost a piece of me
It's uncanny how I love you
We've been eating blood-soaked candy
Walking in the rain talking about her coffee obsession
When I realized the consequences of my actions

I shouldn't imagine you being there when you're not
The comfort of being content is a midlife crisis
I wish I had one more night with you
Playing in the rain watching our fears drift a...

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The Night Café

Running in fields of wheat 
To find where the wild things went
What is silly childish image I can put in your head
It was never part of the sheep jumping to sleep
It's more of a golden rule that we never live by
Rules were meant to be broken nothing is absolute
Nothing is meant to be just a line in your sand
And no line looks the same as yours
So take pride in that kid you're becoming a Ki...

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An Uncalled Situation

This inhuman place makes human monsters - Stephen King

Adamantly pushing pins into your skull like it's fine
Your mistakes were never yours
For you have blamed everyone for them
So tell everyone that you're fine
As you burn the rotting flesh from the back of your tongue

So you can tie a noose around your throat and call it a fancy tie
In the end we all know it was your mind giving into ...

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Firefly//A Rose That Don't Bloom Twice

All I want is you I don't care what version I get
I'll love both of them equally
So please come back home soon
I hate how your ex's wanted you to be someone else

I raise in love for who you actually was
The falling out nearly killed me
The faith I have for you kept me alive
I'll wait until you see that I'm not like the other guys

Yes I worry about you
Are you eating that you're emotio...

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Samurai Bebop 4 Bad Dog No Biscuits

Philosophy is a no man's land
Apathy is a sign of weakness
The Journey of life means nothing
You make false Idols through it all the time

In Buddhism they teach you to let go 
Of everything to be enlightened
That would make you uncompleted
Morally grey to every situation

There's no purpose in the present 
We can't live in the past
We're all just mocking time until we pass away

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This Isn't Even My Final Form!!

She's confessing in this imaginary world
One day she'll grow up and see the gray goddess
Happy ending is for books silly girl
I'll bring the hammer and we'll make this castle into a pyre

She freaked out and called me the monster
How is that when I'm the guy who never left her side
Did I just assumed that that was my place
There's no good and evil there's only tragedy

We're all victims ...

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Whatever Happened To Oreo Cakesters?

Drink a cup
Swallow it down
Wash your hands
The dirt won't come off

Drink a cup
Swallow it down
Wash your hands
The blood still on you

Drink a cup
Swallow it down
Wash your hands
Did it burn on the way down

Drink a cup
Swallow it down
Wash your hands
Dry your tears

Drink a cup
Swallow it down
Wash your hands
Pick at your scabs

Drink a cup
Swallow it down
Wash your h...

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Did you think I was going to let you go
Without asking you to stay
You're everything I dream of
So can you stay with me
I want to spend my whole life with you

Baby I just want to hold you until
We get old and all of our teeth fall out
Baby I just want to hold you until
We get old and all of our teeth fall out

I don't want to be anyone else's but yours
So don't make me wait my whole l...

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This pain is only here cause I actually love her
I tried not falling in love with anyone back then
I couldn't help it with you 
Your proof that angels are real


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Heartbreak Juice

After my mom left us
My father got a addicted to the heartbreak juice
I remember my first sip it was so better
I told myself I'd stay on the milk

Nowadays I'm all grown up
I'm addicted to the heartbreak juice
I'm forcing smiles on my face like a clown
I've been telling jokes but they're too morbid for you

I'd like to have some silence but the voices never shut up
Telling me I'm the on...

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Tomato or Tomahto

The uncanny sounds of joyful laughing
When it's completely miserable inside
Is that what they call a life without cynicism
Society masturbation to depression
So just romance about my illness a little bit more
As you kick me on the ground and call me a freak
Say that you had a tough life as daddy buys you a new car
You've never when hungry and without electricity
When you see people like th...

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An Overdose of Anxiety

I'm buried alive in these four walls
There's no savior to help me from this
There's no oxygen for I can breathe in
The darkness it grows evermore silencing

I'm the only one in here but there's multiple of voices
I'm buried alive in these four walls
As my sanity slips away 
I see signs of life but it's not mine to have

This is all my fault, I should have known better
My brains going fa...

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Just Another Bowl of Cornflakes

I'm hollow and panicking on emptiness
I just want to feel something more than nothing
I want my brain to stop over thinking

I'm such a loser I came second place
But I was only raising myself
I'm overdosing on all of my meds

I want to slow down but I don't know how
The strings of my heart are about to break 
I'm always in pain nowadays thinking about heartbreak

My mind's not as stron...

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I Doubt She Will See This

I'm chain-smoking menthol cigarettes
Melancholy and pacing in the parking lot
I stare at the stars thinking of you
Talking to myself barefooted on the warm concrete

I may be taller than you
But I'm here without you 
So where's the bright side in it
Because I don't see one without you

Abandon hope and now I'm just letting myself bleed
Bashing my head on the concrete
I stare at the sta...

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I'm Drunk It's The Only Time I'm Honest

I've been so numb to all the words
Bleeding out on the page 
They're the same words you left here
So let me be your punching bag
I'll swing back with only love

I promise that I'll wait on you
I said I'll follow you through hell
I didn't know it was going to be a life without you
Now I just want to choke on all these pills
Sleep forever dreaming of you

I can deal it when you being her...

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Abandoned Schoolhouse 

There's this old abandoned schoolhouse 
Two towns over from where you live
It has a hole in the roof and busted out windows
You can truly say that it's a product of its time

There's this old abandoned schoolhouse
That no one dares to go in
For everyone who has has gone missing
Oh what a terrible fate

There's this old abandoned schoolhouse
For the teacher had the funnest game
Who can ...

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Letter To April 2

With every passing breath
I think about me and you
If you were still alive 
Would we be happy together

With every passing breath
I wish I could tell you to stay home that night
You took my innocence away
I pleaded with death to let me die on that night

With every passing breath
I see the light behind your eyes faded
The 28th is coming upon us
I'll have to be strong alone this time


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Will I always be this hollow
If I could just sleep forever
And dream of the days before she left here
I think happiness would drown me alive
But right now I'm just the colours in the rain

Has anyone ever felt this way
Or is it just me here drowning upon the sheep
Trying to find my way out of the knives lust 
I think happiness would drown me alive
If you are back in my arms

I'm scared...

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Words of The Waiting Man 13

I want to wake up beside her
Make her breakfast every morning
I want to hear the stories about her life
Make her understand that I'm actually listening to her
I want to to make her laugh 
Make her blush with that cute smile of hers
I want to tell her that she's beautiful
Make her believe it cause goddamn she is
I want her to know that I'll never judge her
I don't care what she's done in h...

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Silence In Her Arms (Lyrics.)

A lifeless body but it's still alive
What a cruel fate have you been given
Hiding behind those empty eyes
Is a life full of abuse

Oh stop this body from falling
Into the arms of silence
There must be clarity at the end 
For the soul has been forsaken 

The echoes of the past is haunting you 
Like the hell I gave you 
Serenity is something you deserve

Oh stop this body from falling

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Firefly//Sour Patch Kid 2

I think it's funny how

I've grown so fondly into your walls

I miss mistaken the blood running down your leg

As paint flowing down


How scared was I to find out

That you were as broken as I was

My heart decided to love you more

To a point where it could burst and light the night sky


For you are an angel

Haunted by the demons in your head

Pounding away at your ...

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Space Cowboy 4 Angel Folk Blues

The love for her wasn't enough
He chose her and only her 
Waiting day in and day out
Never giving up on her

One last bounty and he's done
He's doing this to keep her alive
Live that one last dream being with her
So pull your pistol out in fire all your bullets

After all he's the best killer there is
He sees reality in patches
Never the whole picture
One eye on the future and one on ...

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You could torture him for hours
But he'll never say the words you want
Hell he'll die before he says them words
It doesn't matter what you do
He will always love her

Cut off each finger slowly
Put a hot ballistic knife through his stomach
Burn the wound back before he can bleed out
It doesn't matter what you do
He will always love her

Give them your best shot
But I bet you he doesn'...

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