I think I truly hate Halloween
It was the last day I saw my mother
She packed her bags and left
I have a couple of issues that I'll never fix
I'll keep Nirvana Rape Me on replay

Mentally, sexually and physically abused
So tonight I ask why do I miss her
After a head full of trauma

Sometimes I wish I could be fixed 
The wound that she left has never healed
I still have broken ribs and scars 
It's been 10 years and they're still there

This isn't already 
My abandonment issues
This isn't already 
My abandonment issue
Shouldn't be the thing that kills me

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Sun 25th Oct 2020 15:19

So much to unpack in this piece. As a child abuse survivor I can assure you the writing you are doing will help you heal. I know also that forgiveness goes a long way in healing. It’s not for them, it’s for you. What you feed your mind expands your reality. So while Nirvana may resonate, try Enya or some other soul soothing tunes to help calm the voices of anger, abandonment, shame, insecurity... Some can never rise above their pain and inflict it upon others, but others, like you and me, can turn our mess into a message to make sure our suffering was not in vain. Write on Damon! 🖤

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trevor homer

Sun 25th Oct 2020 13:28

Can I suggest there's a difference between missing someone and remembering them. I admire your telling it like it is. Llook deeper, that's where the poetry lies. Peace T.

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