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Mind yourself

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If you've a mind,

and if that mind takes you beyond where they would mind,

and if you don't mind that,

and if you've a mind to challenge yourself,

to explore yourself,


And if you're bound to run it through your mind,

controlled or otherwise,

to a point where you feel that you need some restraint;

but you can't tie down exactly what it means,

can't con...

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Autumn Fen

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Stark beauty splayed afar before me, fields

Their sodden earth sliced through so new, folded

Plumes of reed quiver their responses

To every gust and calm and squall

Light splintered greys surrounding backdrop

Pin down this flat and mastered land

Each Headland roughly holds the record

Of nature’s bounty of that year

The stubble, stalk, the leaf and hollow

The ...

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No Harm Done

She struggled, fought against her will

She crashed against its tide....

Relentless though those waves were still....

Exposed there was to hide....


She knew, as once again she came....

And drew open the drawer....

Her feelings would then be the same....

As were each time before....


The blade it smiled, it's knowing glint....

Then caught her eye to eye....

This r...

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Wind away...

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They said I did what I’d not done

Wind away and leeward blow

Thine hand upon thine father’s gun

Wind away and leeward blow

Guilty of no true defence

Sent me down and locked below

Transported from my village hence

No appeal, so off you go

Kith and kin they find me dead

Wind away and leeward blow

A year for every tear was shed

Torrents of a mother’s woe


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And still old Spidey glared at me,
 took me on eye to eye….
 his legs were twitching nervously
 as he prepared to die.
 A true brave superhero,
 valiant to the last…
 I’d tear the devil limb from limb,
 if he didn’t run so fast.
 The hairs stood up along his back,
 and mine across my neck,
 as I buttoned my fly cautiously
 and sank onto the deck.
 Down there at his l...

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Osterone Test

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I understand that crush, I do

But really I’m not good for you

It’s just a phase that girls go through

I really am no good for you


Oh don’t be silly, it’s ok

I only see you once a day

If someone comes I’ll walk away

C’mon it’s only once a day


I like your company, sure I do

Enjoy the time I spend with you

But it’s just wrong by any view

I re...

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My Garden Genie

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I watched it twist, unfurl and dance

rise proud and cower low

which ever place I stood myself

that smoke seemed keen to go!

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The dim little girl from the Secondary Modern

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The dim little girl from the Secondary Modern

Destined to stack shelves and get sacked in due course

With a textual lexis and distinction from Orange

A boyfriend, a baby, a bedsit perforce.


The mousey dull stick from the track on the far side

Mocked lightly by fashion, derided by fate

Wore nothing, but nothing to single or statement

Knew little of make-up, was ...

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2 mins

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Who the fuck reads poetry

Poets, prats and grandiloquents

Through sunlit keyholes

National praise afforded

Wine quaffed, so seriously sincere suckers

Those faces, my God those faces

Who the fuck decides, derides

Ambiguity, obscure

And so those cheesy lines mature

Aspire, retire, bonfire, you liar!

Random bollocks, of course, confess

No intellect for o...

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A stalker at any other time

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Though you never knew I

Was there unheard, unseen

Quietly in the background

Well outside the scene

I sat outside your house at times

It’s what I had to do

Looking to your window light

Just to be with you.


The months, well they grew kinder

Though need for you still real

And sol drawn to your presence

Away from home I’d steal

It made me calm, ...

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Court out

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The insanity of madness could

With dubious acclaim

Attach itself, should love be true

By any other name

To periods within us all

When drawn into that farce

That reads so oddly once removed

Or times when love has passed

There is no cure, there is no trial

For committers of the crime

So take each sentence, sum it up

Accept and do your time.

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Before she knew or realised

His mark had then been made

Mesmerised and compromised

His words they danced, they swayed

Curious she felt herself

To question all before

She withdrew, she had to do

Her soul cried out for more

So should she steer this trepid course

And dare adventure’s scorn

Or now bestow a closing line

Forever thence to mourn?

To wond...

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Christian Act

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snatched away that Christ of ours
how dare they hold his name
the four by two, the horn ed beast
mired in the finance game
do not degrade the grace of God
you evil, bitter brood
now pay the price, and darkly skulk
your pratices pursued
children of the Satan go
and wear the golden sign
too many centuries have passed
long now you've had your time
hide the beards, confine y...

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Sundae Afternoon

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round and peachy poised as though

awaiting judgement at a show

alabaster statuesque

her arms lay spread across the desk 

gentle tremor evident

to hold position as she bent

agreeable participant

she blushed as gushed a little pant

all that had been long awaited

in an instant had her sated

sound reverberated though

a wanton soul now truly knew

the s...

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Regale Regalia

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Regalia Hogweed, notable dunce
came up with a great idea for once.
If fish were flat, and houses went round,
and causes were lost before they'd been found,
then why O why should she carry the can
for the troubles and bubbles that others began.
Enough is enough, she stamped on her shoe,
a girl's got to do what a girl's go to do,
no longer shall I let them offer my name

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Hidden Joy

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say gailey twist and then unfurl

as all about the daisies whirl

there speckled shaddows filter through

the lively light of morning dew
and all that dance as hear the tune
shall claim to be a part of June
alive alive the warming sun
where life and love parade as one
drift off with them go dream a while
reflect the joy of Summer's smile.

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G'day Fromelles

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no one knew the valliance shown
save those alongside, likewise mown
they shared the day, that living hell
bodies forever where they fell
ripped apart, thud thud thud, then
sucked and swallowed by the mud 
as there the fearfull also claimed
cowards, too mortally maimed
a yard of ground for each poor sod
known only now unto their God

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On your knees

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On your knees before me

Head bowed, filled with shame

My presence is absorbing

As I softly speak your name


Gentle, but with firm command

My voice so resonates

You attend to every breath I take

Your heart pounds as it waits


So enclosed and so aware

Confined within this time

I’m wrapped around you totally

You feel so much, you’re mine



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Black cast the sky an ugly mood

As she faltered down the lane

That evening, that last byway

She would ever use again

As round her wrapped the weather's hand

And steered her with control

Her only mind and focus was

On what would soon console

A smile in homely sanctuary

That inviting, friendly place

The comfort and relief then found

Within a warm embra...

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Time to stand still

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 Tock tock ,
 broken clock,
 hanging the wall…
 don’t know why he leaves you there,
 I’ve no idea at all.
 In fact, looking round this room right now
 it seems that time’s stood still,
 he’s never changed a thing in here,
 and I hope he never will.

Tock tock ,
 broken clock,
 hanging the wall…
 don’t know why he left you there,
 I’ve no idea at all.
 In fact, looki...

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Joy to watch

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I joy to watch the ragged crow

Who soars betweens the gusts as though

He cares not where, he minds not when

He tacks upon his course again

As so assured and so aware

He glides amongst the autumn there

He cries his lofty, chilled lament

With dark suggestion, free intent

So independent with disdain

He glances back to me again

And off as pointless as he came


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Castle Keep

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There stands defiant before you
the cold stone castle keep.
The moss and lichen drying
the bitter tears it weeps.
Green and grey blend in between
the rocks so manfully hewn.
As north wind chases though its heart
playing a haunting tune.
And all around a shroud encased
the shadow nightfall brings.
It wraps its hands around this face,
the foot beneath its wings.
And ...

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