The Dark Side

Some say I am kind.

Some even say I am an angel.


They have yet to meet my dark side.


People think I am a warm-hearted person,

But I can take a one-eighty turn.

My heart is so cold

It could freeze the ocean and bring back the Ice Age.


People say I am a peacemaker,

But piss me off,

Prepare yourself for war,

Because World War 2 will pale in comparison

When it comes to bloodshed.


People believe I will never betray them,

But if I get wind of a betrayal from you,

You will see why I belong in Slytherin.

A black mamba would be jealous as to

How venomous I can be.


Some people say I could be an archangel,

But once I take a turn for the worse,

I can easily take Satan’s throne in hell.

All hail the new queen.

Peace and War ►


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