A Single Wish

There are many things I wish for.

I wish to fly free like a bird.

I wish I could come and go like a cat.

I wish I could be wild like a horse.

I wish I could be prideful like a lion.

But for some reason,

What I wish for the most,

Is for you to be by my side.


I wish I could see you without being judged.

I wish I could joke around with you as though we were friends.

I wish I could hold you tightly in my arms.

I wish I could call you mine.


But wishes are mere dreams,

Dreams mere hopes.

That small flame of hope still stands

But is running out of wick to burn.


None of this will come true.

It is time to face reality

But it seems I am forever stuck in my fantasy.


As long as you are happy,

That is all that matters.


You are like a jewel in a shop.

Therfore, I can only admire from afar

And never touch.

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