I'm Sorry

It must be so confusing to you.

One second I'm there,

The next I'm not.

One second I'm happy,

The next I'm insufferable

And I'm sorry.


I try so hard to step into the light

And stand there by your side,

But the darkness always whispers

And I allow myself to be pulled back into it.


I'm scared.

The darkness tells me the cruel truth

And the light tells me beautiful lies.


I love you, 

But I know you will soon disappear.

You will soon tire of waiting

And leave.

I'm scared.


If you do leave,

I just hope you're happy,

Because I'd rather you be happy

Than suffer by my side.

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Sarah Mae

Fri 26th Jan 2018 21:18

This poem really resonated with me today. Thankyou.

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