The Gown

Mysteries lay hidden

Underneath the ruffles

Of her afternoon dress.


Blues and greens

Merge together

To create her gown.


It starts with the

Soft tones of blues and greens.

The longer the gown,

The darker the tone becomes.


A gown of blues and greens

With white lace

And silver linings.


They wish to tame her,

But she is an untameable force.

She is either as placid as a cat

Or as violent as a storm.

She has many names,

But she is beautiful regardless.


The Ocean

With her many mysteries.

The Ocean

With her many beauties.


She slowly grows weak

Due to man's unrelenting lust.

How much longer before

She overflows with her tears?


One thing is for certain.

She will grow tired of man

And bring her wrath to man.

She will make sure

That man's lust will no longer

Hurt someone else.

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