The feeling only comes when the dawn sets in

Nightmares in the daytime, they feel all wild

Close your eyes and relax

You might be here awhile.


Now that those blood stains have been bleached long ago

And you think you see them again in the clothes you thought you owned

Do you remember them well?

Set on fire and washed cold


And how did they do it? Are you still afraid?

To want to be so alone, but how would you behave?


To write of dreams so potent, in your bones you feel humming

That the earth starts to dissolve whenever your heartbeat starts running


And so the house and the eyes and the castles and lawns

Burn in the same fire you set your clothes on

To know the end, and it makes your eyes rust

You can feel your lungs collapse from your own lack of trust.


A watch on both wrists, yet out of time and no space

You are growing anxious

To meet yourself in this race

But if you may reach the end

You may find you’re too late.



Think fast, you move quick and forget

That the lesser the tongue moves the more transparent the bottle gets.


And I hoped to see you there, I know I've written this story too long

I hope to hear your hymns in the verses, that you write to this, a song

And we dared to get along.


So if your eyes are drawing heavy and the vodka’s gone stale

You’ll be drunker than the ocean when you breathe in the air

But you see the flowers, how they just don’t look right

How their pedals curl and grow knots when they turn to the light


The knots grow in your stomach whenever you look outside

Because you once conquered the world and now you won’t even try.

Your nerves are on fire, and their ends sear flat

And you watch all the blood spill into the sink

Which you’ll never get back.

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