Lowlight Afterparty (Speech)

Lowlight Afterparty (Speech)

Thou shall never know if words could ever suffice

Nor should the laws of nature bound the mind to the earth

For we exist as long as the fade of eternal light

Brings a dimming to the afterparty as we find it cannot always be night


And though our hands feel our knees and our locked chests

Some can see clearly yet roam in the subconscious dark depths

In a plane we fail to recognize, and fear we end our pursuit

We may jeopardize a world in which we cannot lose


Why aren’t the pine trees heavier than a thought?

Even tripping over their roots we blame ourselves for running

In mindlessly sprinting through low lamplight

You find the haze only exists before the glass of your spinning eyes


The Dark Party hosts demons from all the nightmares sneaking to days

No one can differentiate their faces even from inches away

Only in the afterparty can you see

The horns of friends clearer than morning air carrying dandelion seeds

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