15 Curses of Caleb


  1. Inevitably a smile

A happening of fascination

The affected refrain from spilling out


  1. Judge quickly, it is a curse

The affected begins to ponder

Thoughts begin to hurt


  1. The affected seek more

A common voice is only common

As long as the affected recollects his words


  1. Converse, seemingly, indefinitely

He is certainly joyous

You are then infected, he

He feels to be yours


  1. You fear something worse

The feeling of potentially losing him

Down deep in your core


  1. But based off the confidence in which he speaks

The starlight in his eyes

is certainly what you need


  1. But God, something is strange

He is happy without talking to you, the affected

In one or two days


  1. You must ask then, what is the future?

A question deemed only solvable by him

He tells of rare hope, but less of the truth


  1. Imagine, could he truly be him without you?


But you will continue to worry and guess


  1. Any refraction of absence puts pain in your chest

The affected may not be their best

To him, they will never be their best


  1. Nights are just a little bit darker

The pain you feel lasts a little bit longer

Reach out again


  1. This time he cites a world without friends

You are merely an object

One contributing to his end


  1. My God, you find you do not exist in his end

My God, he narrates the future in that same voice


  1. Space becomes all which you see

Obsidian black

Infested with sounds of the sea: crashes


  1. In a panicked retreat

You quickly fall back into light

Finally, you can see your feet


  1. Each day is a dawn, then

Multiple deep facets of you are resolved then, and unassociated

But you still cannot forget about him.

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