The girl showed her fangs, most when alone

Her nails grew bigger, clear and they’re cold;

Escort; chaperone.


She showed her fangs when she got him alone

Clawing at skin; she’s ice and she’s cold

Showed her his doors and how they won’t close

Inside the living; curtains and carpets stained with cologne.


Epoxy the vase, stuck on the phone

Shirt into shreds, tomorrow: alone,

She tried to call, then she was gone

He tried to run, and she ran along


She told him, “okay, go”

Fell flat on his back

“riches will do that”

She likes his cologne.

She hated his Chevy

She laid in his Chevy

He paid for his Chevy in cash alone

The road’s getting narrow; “do not drive” and he drove

“Stop” looks like “go” and he crashed in a rage

The hood is on fire, the night became lighter

But feeling the heat was like feeling okay.

Get home by five, and call it a day

The way the world sent him with speed, like a race

He knows there’s no cake at the end, it’s okay

He knows there’s no end at the end, it’s okay.


He just woke up from the crash in a wake

Decipher the soul and the mind through his face

The colors in blisters, collateral thoughts

They flew through her eyes and they came out opaque.


The windshield was shattered and not like it mattered

Family won’t find him; he hid in a lake

He could not get out; one imagined a pool

The surface was frozen, he could not escape.

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