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Documenting the silence 
the bus stop is almost reclaimed by nature
until the bus arrives after a long conversation
with the broken country path
in a meditative rhythm each morning 

disgorging the mood 
its wheels on cast aside leaves
inbetween the sun barely awake 
in the early morning sky
and the sinking moon 

recording the moment afterwards
restlessly in symmetries in gentle wind

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Spring is here

Spring is here
with blue skies
following us home
from work every night
like a loyal pet dog.


Spring is here
with a rosy twang
in the air
instead of an ice cold shiver
that chills you
to the bone.


Spring is here
with people throwing
their coats over their backs
and opening up
the windows on their cars.


Spring is...

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Spring is Coming

Spring is coming

And faces were pressed

Flat against the windows.


Spring is coming

Breathless and touching

From a distance.


Spring is coming

Like a child

Which is deep inside.


Spring is coming

Like a long lost love

As the sun sneaks

Past the windowsill

In the morning.


And over the shoulders

Of your sleeping be...

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