Answers On A Blank Cheque


When did the scales tip, and pain outweigh the joy?
I've walked toward love since I was a boy.
When did the wind change? I'm back from the shore
dreams still washing up just as before.

Are there laws to limit love I have not heard?
Has the unexamined life become prefered?
Have all the sweet birds fallen from the sky?
Listen. The morning song! Oh my, oh my.

When did all our stories forget their end?
I still have the time for your tales my friend.
When did the simple man become so vexed,
one note on the flute followed by the next?

Are there doors that must ever remain closed?
Has an unexplained curfew been imposed?
Have our leaders been led to this impasse?
The end of history? The end my ass.

When did the dead become last years concern?
In Spring shall my inspiration return.
When did the plagues come? The asteroids hit?
And what d'ya think we should do about it?   


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Stephen Gospage

Sun 2nd Apr 2023 09:04

All human life is here, Adam.

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