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Filter of perception

The way I see the world

Maybe be different from someone else

The reality i perceive

Depends on myself


My beliefs and dreams

May chance my perception

My story and my experiences 

May cause a deception


The reality may be real

The reality may be objective

But what I'm able to see

May very well be subjective


It doesn't matter if i saw

A mountain or...

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Star seeds ‘n’ the Cosmic egg - of life

Dewy lotuses, 
grow in the dark -
creating an entangling —
Flower of Life …

nature and everything — we know — has its roots
on the grounds of truth
every family tree,
a tree house.

Habitats for Humanity  

There is a lone wolf
which is black,
and blue,
in the eyes :
whom sees the world differently
depending on —
whether or not you’re 
— on his or her good or...

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Seconds tick as years go by,

both the same to me.

Time and space be mere illusions...

nothing’s as it seems.


Like the wind, we’re drifting on

through endless spiral dreams.

Every sense be our delusion...

nothing’s as it seems.


As a lad I’d sit and wonder

how it came to be.

Found they keep truth asunder...

nothing’s as it seems.

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One Cell


as fast as you can.

Red shades of dismal

flowing fear

melt to the glass of sand.



in the hollow hidden dry.

Drink down the spell

of earth and hell

indifferent to the sky.



forever un-seamed.

Face down amidst

the death of sound,

black holes of melody.



to the blood of setting sun.

From spiral dreams

look down at ...

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A million things swimming around in my head.

Things I could say that should never be said.


Things I could tell that you’d never believe.

Things that I’ve seen that are too far to see.


Things that I’ve heard that are not made of sound.

Things that I know which have never been found.


Things that could change the world. Things that could heal.

Things that would ter...

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Blind keepers,

mind readers,

throw them in the pod. 

Make them think they have a way

to see through all the fog. 


Let them start with nothing,

they’ll grow up and think they’ve won. 

Set the stage so from the play 

they’ll add things one by one.


They’ll come up with conclusions

thinking they’ve figured it out,

and all the while just watch them

cuz that...

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truthexistencepurpose of life


Got circles in my mind,

but words don’t help me find,

so I stare at the world to watch it spin.

Got circles in my mind,

in the pond of space and time

I cast in stones to make the waves begin.


Thoughts weaving through the universe,

I always wonder which is worse -

to understand or think you do when blind?

It seems to me the polls are in

with ignorance a lock to wi...

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Juden für Palästina! (Jews for Palestine!)

The accompanying video is of Emma Kirkby (an old family favourite of ours) singing “Dido’s Lament”  by Henry Purcell. It’s one of the saddest pieces of English music I’ve ever heard, and so, is most appropriate.

I’ve modelled my poem around Dylan Thomas’ “Do not go gentle into that good night”, on the premise that the night we currently face is not, in any sense ...

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Don't Get Me Started

Once in a while I hear words that just grab me.

Most times I let ‘em go by, but some get past me.

Seconds turn into hours, so I live in slow motion.

Dive deep into words, words as deep as the ocean.

Things I’ve wanted to say since the day that we parted.

Want to let it all out but…

don’t get me started.


Everything spinning round in my mind,

millions of strings I keep ...

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Between Mind And Eyes

How vast is the reach of the universe wide?

How great be the distance between mind and eyes?

How far in both ways does the length of time go?

What distance exists between God and each soul?


Illusive the answer to each of these be.

Perspective controls how we think, what we see,

how we judge and interpret the concepts at hand,

the things we consider and just where we stand...

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truthexistencegodcreationthe universe

I’m that friend

Yes, I’m that friend that’s mean but true.

Forever trying to look out for you.


I’m that friend that’s firm but fair,

But at the end of each heartbreak, I’m always there.


I’m that friend that will constantly scold you to see,

That you’re not being the best you that you can be.


I’m that friend that calls you a fool;

When you let everyone else use you like a broken...

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friendshipnever giving uphonestytruthreal friend

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