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Star seeds ‘n’ the Cosmic egg - of life

Dewy lotuses, 
grow in the dark -
creating an entangling —
Flower of Life …

nature and everything — we know — has its roots
on the grounds of truth
every family tree,
a tree house.

Habitats for Humanity  

There is a lone wolf
which is black,
and blue,
in the eyes :
whom sees the world differently
depending on —
whether or not you’re 
— on his or her good or bad side
in the darkest of times
where wolves are …
to turn to man,
from time to time,
the moon’s night-light
is a reminder of how, we flicker in our existence. 

we reap what we sow
the harvest and the sickle 
it takes life, to give life
to grow
life is dual,
everything in twos

this — that

and the third-dimension
we revolve around our sun
The earth where we live,
is a light matrix,
for matter to split,
into colors and vibrations
of … 
solid, liquid, and gas 
grains of sand
aetherial energy
devoid of any entropy

Dark matters … 
the corruption that governs the underworld
and, its upper echelon
... to the uninitiated 
This is chaos ;
in its purest form,
the times new roman colosseum.

consistent with the literature
— there is a lone constant —
you see, the speed
(no matter the light source's origin)
has no varying degrees
raising its frequency 
and changing into a blue
as it moves towards you 
and then shifts again, red
when this same light trails off a ways away ...
sharing many similarities with the tail end of a comet.

(toroidal) Our electromagnetic auric energy field.
the light the moon hides and we seek,
creates time and space :
to intersect this dimension is an — anomalous
almost — physically impossible task …
- teetering in between
the brink of extinction.

solar flares — a hundred lashes 
baked in mascara and sun kisses
with the afterglow of roses 
cheek to cheek

The Great Awakening

A beauty’s
sleep patterns
are refractions
of a spirit molecule
embedded in emotions
purged from tear ducts

narcissists arrested—and—sentenced to ego death

in embodiment of an avatar

illusionary nature
of our
aetherial reality …
is the soul
imagining humanity

Fungi, once
came second
to none
in intelligence,
mushrooms permeate the blood brain barrier
We can see clearheaded - The connection:
— That …Thought
has a chain reaction
cascading to create, and
amalgamate a thought form.
put on this planet for a reason… 
or even,
the theorem of



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