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late night walking

used to take things before going on walks

it’d be dark and cold

and i’d be underdressed

i couldn’t seem to withhold


i’d stumble around the neighborhood 

trees and leaves would move

even though there was no breeze

i couldn’t seem to mentally improve 


i grew more and more detached

would walk by a half way house everynight

i thought that perhaps that would one ...

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drugshighsadwalksnightscaryshadowdepressionmental illness

Azure Dreams

I dream in shades of azure blue,
White horses crest, their dance anew.
Murmurs soft on gold-kissed grain,
Diamonds dapple, twinkle's reign.

Song of light in subtle fade,
Saffron fingers sketch, persuade.
Shapes caressed, each curve's embrace,
Warmth's tender kiss, the night's soft lace.

Embers burn to sky's demand,
Fires grand where heavens stand.
Ashes red in twilight's hymn,

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In golden light

The streets of the past have a golden hue

Known to only me and you

Forgoing the shy starlight

A golden youthful yellow delight


The nights were littered with gold

A yellow wind left to behold

Sunlight at night

What a golden honey sight


People, cars and dogs

Streaming through a yellow fog

Christmas fairs and hot chocolate

A warmth and love now forgot



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The View From Castle Hill, Almondbury

I stood on Castle Hill,

Gazing at the tide washing in.

Leaving no corner untouched,

It overwhelmed and engulfed,

Bullying the light away and

Filling the vacated space.


I knelt on Castle Hill,

Refocused my eyes

To search for signs of life.

Fireflies and glow-worms drifted

In the flow like departing flotsam,

Distancing themselves in hushed escape.


I clim...

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