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The Liquid Songs!

The liquid songs of a bird
Create much vibration in my heart,
My body is a stone, black and old-
If she turns down me to hold,
An artificial is my heart and soul
If she ceases her songs as a whole.
I wish her singing all the day,
As a cost my life I must pay,
She is mine I knew since my birth-
& I'll be the same, even beyond the earth. 

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Gone Girl

I collect up the pieces of my former life

Photos, articles, trinkets and pictures,

that reverberate with a life once lived,

far away from where  I am now.

I was once a borderline, edging death.

A cathartic catchpole where I caught nothing but pain. 

Grazing on the  remnants of the past, I realise 

that I was set up to fail.

No one there to see the beating heart of kindness.


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divorceseparationlifelovelightdarknesspastnew start

Loves touch

 I'm a sucker for loves touch 

Sucker a tad bit  too much 

The rise and fall of it

It being love and all of it 

Never have I felt it this strong and many connections I’ve felt all along 

Are you the Shiva to my Shakthi 

The Apollo to my Daphne

Or are you the Abhimanyu to my Uttara

Is this the love that I’ve been seeking 

A love that I can finally touch but still never re...

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The love you never received

To feel the love you never received;

To feel the affection that was given through grating words that come behind a “Im doing this because i care”,

To feel the sorry’s that were ‘paid’ to me, the gifts I had received to understand how ‘sorry’ you were after harming me, physically or verbally and if not, mentally.


‘I love you’; an affirmation of affection or deep caring, especially to ...

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lovemumsad poemssad

What's Left Of Love

Too many nights, too many times

I've woke in sweat and had to find

a way to push you out again,

and pray once more that this will end.


That from my heart you'll finally leave

and not come back into my dreams.


For I am old enough to know

the years have made our love run cold.

And I am wise enough to see…

I only love your memory.

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lovelosslost lovemoving on

A portrait of Inma

To paint a portrait of you I would have to
Borrow, as steal is a word not suiting you,
From the greatest artists pick inspiration,
And create an extraordinary combination.

From Klimt shining and hollow beauty,
Liars screaming about diamonds and superficiality,
When pairing the brilliance of your mind,
Sacred body asses the most desirable kind.

From Kadinski organised randomness contour...

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love poemsartportraitlove

Sunset Memory

An old porch swing made once for two.

Cool night breeze calling out to you.

Ten thousand memories rise above,

the sunset waters of our love.


Just like the day slips into the night,

the love we had that was oh so right

it slipped away. It slipped away,

like day slips into night.


Was our love doomed to come and pass,

one day as fire, one day as ash?

Night afte...

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lovelosslost lovelonging

Shallow Breath

Soft moonlit eyes that paralyze.

Unbridled passion on the rise.

The room afire in fading light.

Fragrant desire fills up the night.


As worlds dissolve, so unaware.

Entangled in your casual stare.

Nowhere to hide.  No way to see.

No self-control inside of me.


Slow motion moves through tangled time.

In shallow breath I feel that I’m

adrift upon your velvet sea...

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loveinfatuationin lovehelplessly in love

Same Old Song

The torn remain

of what was plain

waves now ore frozen ground,

in winds that blow

cold ice and snow

and other feelings down.


There isn’t much

left in a touch

to calm the trembling hand.

For winter’s chill

falls colder still

in cloak across the land.


The settled dust

and cankered rust

guard safe against the grain,

while fading dim

from deep ...

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lovelossheartachelost love

take the wheel

And venturing out
as an artisan model aircrafts
... enthusiast
is a larger than life recreation
to somebody
fell in love
Amelia Earhart's
figure 8

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makeup sex

Beauty standards ...
makeup your mind
you said you'd be ready
an hour past ...
you haven't changed at all
I'm leaving you
While i tease your hair,  suck it up
I'm head over heels in love

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The Primrose

The primrose with its glowing face held high

Brings promise of the softer days of Spring

And gazes up towards the wind ripped sky

Through branches to the sunlight, filtering

New leaves unfold beneath the solemn frost

Where clasped they lie and frozen to the earth

A voice like yours is permanent, not lost

The primrose glows to celebrate your birth

And now each year it brings...

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mothers. childrenmotherMotherhoodlove

Lifelong Friend

When all the leaves fall from the trees,
what does it mean to you and me?
Perhaps it wasn't meant to be
as now we reach the end.

Is there some place we didn't go?
We tried every fork in the road,
and never seemed to find a home.
My dear, what's at the end?

But we're ok. Yeah, certainly
we could have done things differently.
But side by side we took this ride
and so what is to ga...

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lovemarriagefriendshipsoul mates

Almost There For You

Sailed an ocean just to reach you,
passed through a hurricane or two,
hit land to find a ring upon your hand.
I was almost there for you.

Crossed a continent to find you,
every hardship I passed through,
at ocean’s rim you were there with him.
I was almost there for you.

Does it pay to lay your heart on the line,
or believe that true love’s true?
Now I spend my time traveling on, I’m...

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heartachelovefrustration with love

Piece That Is Missing

The piece that is missing

is the piece of my heart

that I threw like a stone

when our love fell apart.


Without looking I threw it

as far as I could.

Now I’m stuck with the fact…

that I’ve lost it for good.

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lovelove hurtslove lostheartache

A Final Note

First note chimes,

long silence gone.

Like breath again

or light at dawn.


Pure joy to hear,

healed by each note.

Lost in the melody,

finding hope.


With new life comes

new eyes too see,

and ears to hear

but eventually…


the song winds down,

fire fades to smoke.

For each song has

a final note.

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lovelost lovethe breakup

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