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It runs in my family
I thought I was lucky
That the gene had skipped me
But I was wrong
It's not a substance I cannot give up
It's you I am addicted to

Years went by
And the fire that once raged
Was nothing but a barely glowing ember
I thought I was done
That I was in the clear
But I found you again
And the feeling is creeping back in
The weight on my heart
I feel it with every bre...

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Palms are different when they arent yours.

They graze corners, touch moaners; 


Who cares what they touch after.

Waves of feeling, we don’t care the meaning;

Lets go?

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The Enemy of Love

These curtains don’t fit
Daybreak come too early
The drink’s still in my skin
and on that bed of marble white
I lost you from my life

The signals all conspired
the well of guilt refilled
Reality cracked wide open
spilt down the corridors of misadventure
I lost you to the dawn

Tangled in a sheet of white lies
the enemy of love
raises his black hood
smiling at the keenness of his bl...

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wisdom teeth//on purpose

The nurse in green hands me a syringe.

It’s in one of those small plastic bags, you know the ones. They held goldfish crackers when 

you were eight years old. 

She hands me this syringe and says to rinse after eating

that then I should be good and food won’t get lodged in my holes and I won’t get infections or dry socket. 

Watch out with certain foods, she says,

you know, things ...

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Bread and Roses for All (re-post with open letter to Labour NEC)

Bread and Roses for All

One swallow will not our glorious summer make,

Nor red-tied frauds, true friends of labouring folk:

No friend of mine can love Apartheid’s yolk,

More swallowed lies, our nation’s heart will break:

Britannia’s future guard, for our Children’s sake,

Compassion’s spirit we must now invoke,

Let zeal for justice fill our Hearts of Oak,

Lest fate make any ...

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恋は盲目 (love is blind)

I love you with my entire soul,


You overwhelm me and my feelings surge out of control. 


Though I mask it and play the best friend role,


By suppressing my feelings until I am completely cold. 


I begin to act distant...causing our friendship to spiral and reach its toll. 

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A grey shade in the cottage shadows

a paw lick of sinuous silence

a tail flick of smoke

a pounce on time's toll


Like a smoke devil escaped the chimney

she inhabits the lounge at night

never settling

she drifts across the hearth


Like the umbral weight of her past

she settles beyond my sight

I sense only the leak

of light left by her passing


Like th...

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Kick Off!

If poetry be the food of love, write on!

If it be food for freedom, then kick off!

If you care aught for poetry Write Out Loud!

If you care aught for love then stay not quiet!

If you care aught for freedom, then kick off!

If you will fight with me then you are on!

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A Brother Is...

A Brother is Joy,
A Brother is Hope,
A lil' bit of annoyance,
Fights all along.

A beautiful Gift,
Of all those prayers,
In him, we find love,
Oh! so Rare.

Those mockful Punches,
Some Pushes alike,
Seconds of Anger,
Love still burns Bright.

A Brother is a Thief,
A stealthy one,
Stealing my Dairy Milks',
Till there is none.

A Brother is Pride,
Always standing by my side,

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#siblings #brother #sisterlove

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