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I see pain
in your eyes
almost your best
your best friend
ever present inside
and outside too
what to do
how to help
heal your 

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The Curse of Distrust

The sound of your voice
as your walls come up
the sacred inability 
to fully trust
like words resting
on the tip of your tongue
you want it to come out
but can't quite get it

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always moving, dont get too attached.

immediately after i finish a book i have to start another. 


rinse and repeat. always moving. don’t get too attached. 


i worry that if i don’t pick up another book immediately i may never do so again

i fear i’ll become forever lost in the chasm 

grasping for characters who’s stories have ended and unable to move onto the next

if i didn’t fear the nothingness i could learn m...

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A chink in the armour

I think I found the chink in the armour,

I think I found your disguise,

I think I found what lies beneath,

The true character behind those eyes.


A slip of the tongue whets truth’s cruel form,

And shows me what had yet been unseen,

The wrong choice of word, adjective, verb,

Makes dirty what once had shone clean.


And with that mistake, a whole character shifts,


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Don't fall for someone

Don't fall for someone..
You will always break,
Don't fall for someone..
For yourself not to hate,
Don't fall for someone..
For your own sake

Love is beautiful if you are lucky,
But almost always it ends in misery.
Finding love and living happily is what you always see in movies,
But reality is not like the big screens.
Seeing the bright side, it's like butterflies,
But only after hea...

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