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Self inside


I am more than my sexuality. My job. My pleasure. My image.

I am my past

my future, my lessons,

my life, my heart, my fears.

My skin aches to be loved and my eyes to be seen,

my ears to be heard,

and me

.. me... ME... to be seen.

My passion, is not simply created and finished between my legs,

between my thighs,

but flows within my body like glitter in the wind.


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Once a few million years ago, in thrones were the giants  
Herbivorous, carnivorous with razor sharp teeth
They wore no precious jewels nor clothes of silk
They hunt their fellows for food, oh the roaches seen it all

The world metamorphosed,  puny organisms born
Rid of feathers and  razor sharp teeth- 'harmless' they thought 
Even roaches pitied the new guests 

Among lions and tigers, t...

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I’ve been sitting on the precipice of this

For a while

Unsure how to express my feelings

When I don’t know what I feel

You see 

I’m hysterically nonreactive 

I’m worryingly unworried 

A switch 

From nothing to everything 

Because - like Whitman -

I contain multitudes

Many great thrashing waves

Like creatures 

They slip through nets

Can’t be caught 


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See Her

When she folded into herself

You all looked away

When she unraveled

You all watched

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We lose each other once in a while
We find ourselves in others
most of the time
We may meet some, fresh living and brand new
Forget about the ones we lost, completing one another

Or, on the contrary, at times
We meet again - how different
Forget about the new ones
And turn our faces to the bits of ourselves
we have missed in each other

We live through people
I live through you all

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Crocodile tears


How could I,
The double-faced
WHO’s current leader,
On par with
A chieftain
Brigade general,
Tightlipped attend
My diabolic
Party’s funeral?

Though for
My criminal
Party’s tragic end,
I have to sob,
I must labor
To garner
The pity of
The credulous, elites
As well as
The mob
Round the globe.

At the same time
Dollars I have
To underwrite
In a bid remaining

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Noise.  White noise.  Wallflower.

Whispers across the aisle.

Rising from the fog

Voice.  “A million dollars.”

Are they talking to me?

Unexpectedly and not likely.

Who am I in this noise?

Is my voice recognizable?

Buy some time sometime

And use it in a better world.

How much?  Charge it to my room.

When is it expected to arrive?

You do not know?  What about expre...

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