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Life Tapestry

Each glorious day that we awake, There are many choices we all must make. Every choice brings new lessons for you to learn, If you study well, then ascension you will earn. Choices choices which one should I choose? If made with love in your heart, you cannot lose. Free Will is granted to all so make your own Choice, Some lessons are easier when you listen to your inner voice. Ea...

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Goodbye 2021?

Will this new year

be a new year?

Or, the same as the old?

I guess, patience is an essence of time

As we wait for what unfolds


So, goodbye to covid 

Goodbye to crime

Goodbye to war

Make peace in our time


Goodbye to jealousy

Goodbye to rage

Let love be the sunlight

And, Earth, be its stage


Goodbye dictators 

Goodbye to greed

We're under on...

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New yearhopeloveonerace

A Time of Change

It is my belief, we have entered a time of change. This is our chance to come together instead of pushing and pulling each other apart. A time for us to act out of Love instead of Fear. Find something to be for, just let go of the things you are against. The past is gone, we can do nothing about it. The Future is open before us, to create our lives, our World, however we wa...

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World of all souls mistletoe rose
Christmas tree healing

Joyful emotions
For giving the heart is key
To the wealth of health

Colds can be deadly
If we lack immunity
We are all fragile

Viruses present
Unwanted gifts at Christmas
To all believers

And of none but we
Shall remember those who died
In hospital wards

Last gasp for the world
Can our patient...

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Me Vs ME. A Dual Reality

every day is another to learn

and indulge in whats present

i figure there is so much that is pleasant

sometimes i have to just sit back and take it all in


in order to reconnect

this place is quite lovely

especially, as i realize im starting to love me

so much thats happening

i can get lost in both of my worlds

i l...

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The Last Noel


In the bed, she lay

So tired & so frail

Like the room itself

So colourless & pale


At least, through the window

She could see the snowflakes dance

Falling in a serenade

To a winter's night romance


Her bed sores burned like hell

In this purgatory of self

A forgotten thing called living

Lay dormant on its shelf


But the snow fell so dreamlike


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Big Package For Little Dink 

It can’t be said cus I’ve lost my head forgotten more than we’ll ever know when the big package arrived for 

Little Dink 

simply wasn’t enough time to even think wrapped in yellow gold with bright purple bow 

looked more than 173 years old for I knew it must be as today’s 

the day of Little Dink’s birthday 

so there we all sat along the floor 

full of presents galore 

counted ...

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Best Friends

A best friend is always there

one who truly cares

help you when you’re feeling down

make you laugh remove that frown

give support cus you can’t play sports

show the way from a tiring day

a best friend is ready helping steady

to that very end

on to the next they will surely send me

even if it offends me

looking out when I can’t decide

whether to stand or to hide


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carecare enough to listenfriendshiplove

what i call home


I’ve lived around the world.

In fact I moved when I was 18,

I left my home and found another,


But was that home?


Layered bricks and walls with posters,

soft warm bed and candles lit by it

to make it



But was that home?


‘a house is not a home’

yet I still feel like I really miss

my house, where my mom and my cat

are waiting patien...

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things one can't forget

things one can’t forget


I remember my first sight of you

sitting at a table in the library


bright blue eyes sparkling

with excitement and wonder


but that was many years ago

when I fell in love with you

at first sight


not yet knowing

your name, I knew I would know

it soon


and softly brush my

fingers over your lovely eyes

while I snuggl...

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loveblue eyesfirst love

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