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Time Could Last Forever

We live our lives together
Breathing the same air
Yet never help each other
It makes life hard to bear.

So much could be made better
In just a little time
And time could last forever
If we just use it right.

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W o r d s

The word into the world 

becomes backwards 

their ways of being change

sometimes they are silent 

sometimes they scream 

inside there is a deafness 

a space, that can make people listen 

I'm just not sure how to make them hear me...



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To There

To there,
And from there to there,
And there,
And finally to there.

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Tossed Salad

Shredded Dignity, Diced Words.
Chopped Emotions, Grated Nerves.

These are our salad days.


By: Aviva Rifka Bhandari

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My Other Poem Is Better Than This One

I have another poem
which is better than this one.
It is shiny and goes much faster
It sounds better and means more.
My other poem is kept for special occasions
and protected 

This poem is my run-around poem
Don't judge me on it.

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To some degree 
we all enjoy a little mystery
Developing a sense of curiosity 
The whole "what could be"
But sadly 
That's not reality
Creating our own world
Regardless of incompatability 
Tunnel vision ensued
Rose colored glasses
In full bloom
Despite the apparent 
You created confinement 
Within your own lie.


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The enemy

As I stare out this window

down to the little people of the world 

I wonder and wish 

what if i was the beautiful tall girl with the blonde curls?

can I see into her soul?

by staring out this tear streaked window?

can I have her life?

and trade her these frightening memories that float around in limbo...    

shes so radiant and thin

Everything that I am sadly not

she ...

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Lost in a forest in pitch darkness at midnight



slowed down to silence
at midnight in the forest
even the birds sleep

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A Gorilla Wore A Tutu.......

A Gorilla wore a tutu,
while he baked a giant pie,
and watched a bright pink Cuckoo
doing backflips in the sky,
a Monkey stroked a Llama,
a Zebra drove a bus,
while eating three bananas
because one was not enough,
a hippo flipped a pancake,
while he watched tv,
then there came a flying Snake
dancing with a Bee!

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