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A Run In The Park In The Rain

we met in roundhay park,

she was walking her hound,

fettered with a muzzle, the

dog barely made a sound


that was half a life-time ago,

long defunct that labrador,

I'm the one on a short lead,

I rarely talk, let alone roar


personality's behind bars,

independence gone west,

castrated, house-trained,

where obedience is best


a daily run in the garden,


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Don’t Walk In Anger

I twist in the night, in anger.

I wake in the morning, in anger.

I know the dreams are just dreams 

but the aching is tangible, 

it’s at the forefront that I can’t shake.

It’s too early to feel this way, with holes punctured through the heart. 

A feeling that I’ve been used as target practice.

Congratulations, you’ve won…

You’ve robbed me yet again from waking with the deli...

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A November Haunting

A November Haunting



Has come and gone

Leaving us with its

Vicious little demons


The howling wind

Screaming down the chimney

Like a banshee


Brittle twigs

Whipping along the windows

tiny scratching claws

of desperation


A wolf howl

Through the eaves


The cloying damp touch

Of dead leaves


Ice cold drizzle

Down th...

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NovemberHalloweenstormrainremnantshaunting noises

Love Left Rusting In The Rain

It boded well in summer

Blue skies and endless sun

When love adds sheen to

Bright days of endless fun


Seasons change like people

Happiness replaced by pain

Dark skies hiding sunshine

Love left rusting in the rain


Whispers like soft breezes

Promises of undying bonds

Magic painting hot dry air

Like fairies waving wands


Easy to envisage our bliss


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Rain Doesn't Matter Now

We were full of ourselves in those days

Life was a treasurehouse of pleasure

We had our fill of the world's offerings

And took its ripened fruit at our leisure


Rain doesn't matter now you're gone

Nothing seems important anymore

We madly moaned about the weather

The God-given gale onto the shore


But our love took it all for granted

Selfishness was the order of t...

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Half-Fallen Rain

he could not make her out

at close quarters but afar

smiling yes but acting no

near, yet distant as a star


like rain falling half-way

a tide trapped out at sea

an infant sapling stunted

a blossom without a bee


brows furled with doubt

mouth unstable not still

eye contact fraying, lost

signals iced by inner chill


curious blend, rare alloy

what el...

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Rocking And Rolling And Wringing Wet

We were ambling in leathers down Florida Mall

When the sky caved and showed us its power

Like lightning it dropped, pure cats and dogs

What hip street cats call a power shower


Rocking and rolling and wringing wet

All conventions shot out of the window

The beat of Nature kicked in from nowhere

Man, can you dig that wind blow!


A summer storm cools down the street


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rockingrollingwringing wetsummer stormchilledrain

If Only It Would Rain Today

Its been dry for far too long

The air's got parched and dusty

I'm praying hard for rain to fall

My life's been arid and musty


I see how you led me to love you

That easy flattery your smiles

I fell headlong into your arms

Tripped by those practised wiles


If only it would rain today

And wash away my tears

Is that thunder that I hear

Cleansing as it nears?


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When we were Gypsies


Don't stop when the music stops

Even when the fever drops

The castanets have ceased to play

The romance in your eyes I see

Could I take you away with me?


I'll take you through the rain

Where the light remains

The only rhythm of the day

Where the sound of the patter

Which really doesn't matter

It's insane that the rain

Could make me feel this way


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It’s Raining Cats And Dogs

It’s raining it’s pouring

Storm clouds warring

The heavens have opened

About to get drenched.


Splish splash, drip drop

Spit splat, plip plop

Tipping it down

Bucketing down

Falling from the gods,

It's raining stair rods.


Spitting, drizzle

Sunny shower 

Teaming deluge

April shower

Raining cats and dogs,

Nice weather for ducks and frogs

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Eye Of The Storm

Eye Of The Storm


The black clouds gather

Heavy rain drops splat

There is iron on your tongue

The bitter taste of storm

Head thick with thunder

White light splits the sky

The trailing crack rattles windows

A cat cowers beneath a bush

Shivering in its fear

The deluge follows

Straight javelins of rain

You lift your head back

As the heavens empty

Water fi...

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Arrows of Rain

On the empty wall of my room

I think I'll put a picture of the rain. --


Hitting the ground,

And getting up to ankles,


The rain will be wetting my socks

And trousers from below;


Then my eyes will follow




...tick, tick, tick...

Everything in the picture,


Until catching a black brolly,

And the shiny enamel shoes...

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Dew Drops Remain

Only dew drops now remain 

atop blades from the torrential rain.

The lightning strikes 

lessen in succession.

But the dew remembers 

from where it came.

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Rain and Balloon

Raindrops are laughing,      



Like cherry



Onto the garden                   



​I am alone                             

Floating on,


A little cooling the warmth                       

Of summer morning; 


As if flying

Big sky balloons


Of birthday party   ...

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It Rained Today

It Rained Today


It rained today

Breaking the strangling heat

But it wasn’t a cleansing rain

It didn’t dilute the colour of our skin

Or wash away the blood on our streets


It just soaked

The lonely man erecting barricades

So that McCars could McQueue for McBurgers

As consumerism kicked back in

And the deluge began


The air felt clearer though


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NaPoWriMo2017day 3off topicrainquenchingstaying inraindropslockdownsoothing


I don't like your colour,
Can't hear your noise
You cover streets in winter,
Keep my heart there,
In grey lands.
Let rivers overflow
And my heart sinking 
Into colourless melancholy. 
I want to be
At a sunny place.
I want to feel the golden light
And warmth on my skin.

©️ By Magical whispers 

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Meet Me In The Rain

Meet me in the rain

So I can explain

The sun’s gone 

And it’s been too long


I look at your pictures on the wall

I shouldn’t keep them up for too long

I miss the sound of you down the hall

So I avoid the sound of you at all


It’s as if the flood gates of heaven opened up from God’s weeping

Deep down I know it wasn’t you I should be keeping


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artistslost lovemeet againrain


The rain falls

My soul weeps


All the secrets that we keep

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Get Lost in the Pouring Rain

So feeble

we fumble

bodies tangling, intertwining

we get lost in the moment,

in the rush

drifting off to our own space


No time like the present

we’re looking for answers in the pouring rain


If you could get by

for one night

without looking for the answers


If you could

for one night

love me just the same


Everybody needs something

to j...

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